Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance with ZERO Excess

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What is Legal expense insurance for landlords

This is an optional insurance that can provide you with cover for costs that you may have to incur as a landlord. For example, any legal costs that arise from managing your rental property or properties. Other common examples are pursing the tenant for damages to property or non payment of rent. In addition, it can pay your legal defence costs should a tenant claim that you have breached your landlord legal obligations. 

landlord legal expenses insurance with zro excess

Tenant Referencing

The landlord must follow the correct reference guidelines and procedure for existing tenants or any new tenants that will move into the property. This will be requested should any claim be made and failure to produce will invalidate your policy. 

For full time employed working tenants, a 4 point check will suffice

What insurance must a landlord have?

Other insurance and Services Available for landlords

2 Levels of cover available Platinum or Gold

Legal Expenses £35.00 

  • Legal Pursuit :  up to £50,000
  • Defence and Legal Expenses : up to £50,000
  • Hotel Expenses : up to £1,500
  • Free 24 Helpline : Access to lawyers for advice on any tenancy related matters

Legal Expenses with Buildings Cover  £35.00

  • Conveyancing Fees : up to £800.00
  • Survey and Valuation Fees : up to £550.00
  • Mortgage Arrangement and Lender’s Fees : up to £300.00
  • Maximum Cover : up to £1,650.00

What is not covered

  • Claims will not be covered if you do not fully comply with the tenancy referencing guide provided with the policy documents.
  • Any claim in the first 90 days, or any claim outside the period as detailed in your policy schedule.
  • Any delayed claim which results in the insurer's position being prejudiced. 
  • Claims arising from: Building, converting or extended all or part of the
    tenanted property : Town or Country planning laws : Subsidence, heave, landslip, mining or quarrying : Works by or under order of any government,
    public or local authority
  • Costs incurred having engaged with a solicitor prior to registering the claim on your policy.

FAQ Landlord Legal Expenses Insurance

Does and excess apply, if so how much?

Nil excess, which means you are not liable for any costs when you make a claim.

What are my obligations?

Please provide all the correct information in response to questions. These answers are important and will form part of the statement of facts that will be included with in the final policy document. If circumstances change or your response has been misinterpreted, you must inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. Failure to take timely action can invalidate your policy.

Can I cancel my policy?

You may cancel for full refund  within 14 days of purchase or the day on which you receive your policy documents. 

Other insurance and services available for landlords

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