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Compare Minibus Insurance Quotes

Many minibuses are to be seen on the UK roads. Many of these are providing a transport service to many sectors of the UK including charities, schools, sports clubs, to name a few. In addition many UK families now choose a minibus or MPV over traditional motor car so that they commute with their family in comfort.

The cost to insure a minibus will vary and depends on many factors, one key factor is the size or the  number of seats. The general rule is the more seats the costly will be your insurance premium. If you are the stage of renewing your existing policy or taking out first time minibus insurance it is prudent to compare offers that are currently available in the UK marketplace.

minibus insurance

Comparative websites that include multi quote time offer you the ability to get multiple quotes by simply completing one simple online form.The quotes that you receive in return will be from a panel of UK brokers, all chasing your business. Take time to compare the quotes and read each policy taking into account what is and what is not included. 

Like in any sector cheaper does not always mean the best. Note  not all insurance brokers participate in comparative sites so spend some time going directly to these brokers to get individual minibus quotes.   

What is classed as a minibus?

Minibuses are people carriers that can seat anywhere from 9 to 16 passengers. Because of the growth in demand most motor manufacturers now also produce their own version of a minibus. When it comes to choosing which minibus customers can now enjoy a wider choice form top manufactures that include:

The minibus can be best described as a full size passenger van. The seating capacity can range from 9 to 17 seaters. The larger the seating capacity the higher the monthly premium. Whilst initially starting off as van conversion many manufactures now produce their own minibuses, built for purpose. This gives a greater level of luxury and comfort. 

  • The Toyota Hiace
  • Hyundai H1 range
  • Renault Master Minibus
  • Mercedes- Benz Sprinter
  • Ford Transit minibus
  • Iveco Daily Minibus

The different types of minibus insurance are available

  • Personal and business use: This policy type is aimed at those that use their minibus for family, social and personal domestic use and also for the business of the owner.
    Toyota Hiace
  • Private hire : The use includes the carriage of passengers for reward, referred to as hire for reward usage. Typical examples would include airport transfers or golf outings. 

Hire for reward is by far the major use that minibuses are put to. Many services and organisations exist that make use of minibuses in this manner, some of these have been listed below.

  • Sport Clubs
  • Nursing Homes
  • Schools
  • Charities

How to reduce your minibus insurance premium 

Firstly reduce the insurance company risk of claims being made against them. This can be achieved by driving safely and including a black box to prove this. Secondly if a claim is made against you, consider paying it yourself if the amount is small. Risk can be reduced by the following approaches:

  • Agree with the broker to increase the excess, the excess is the amount that the insured will be liable for in the event of a claim
  • Reduce the risk of theft by providing secure off road parking. Add additional gadgets that will deter theft
  • Ensure any named drivers are over 25 with history of no claims
  • Use black box technology to monitor drivers and direct future training.
  • Reduce the amount of claim by choosing a minus in one of the lower insurance categories, these categories are cheaper to replace or repair.