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Convicted driver insurance

Compare specialist car insurance for drivers with motoring convictions

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What is convicted driver insurance?

Convicted driver insurance is car or van insurance for people that have been convicted of a driving offence. The most common offences are :

  • Speeding.
  • Driving without insurance.
  • Use of a communication device that is not hands free, for example mobile phone. 

Just like standard car insurance convicted car driver insurance is available in three forms, Third party, third party with fire and theft and fully comprehensive.

convicted driver insurance

Can I get car insurance with my driving convictions?

To obtain convicted driver insurance at a reasonable rate can be a challenge. This is why there are specialist insurance brokers that help the convicted find the right insurance coverage to fit their needs. With this help, the cover will be valid allowing you to drive legally on the road. We can provide you with multiple quotes if you have a driving conviction.

Why are convicted driver insurance premiums so high?

The insurance industry views those with a conviction to be considered higher risk than a driver with no convictions on their record. This includes both the personal driving convictions of an individual and criminal convictions. As a result Convicted driver insurance will be much more expensive that standard insurance and that is why it is important to search for the best insurance deal for convicted drivers.   

What many people with a conviction on their record do not understand is that when it is applied to driver insurance, a conviction of a non-driving crime is considered less of a risk by the insurance industry than a driving conviction.

What convictions have to be reported when applying for driver insurance?

The reporting of a conviction to an insurance company when applying for coverage is required by law. This reporting has to include all unspent convictions. When a person is convicted of a crime there is a time period this conviction will remain active on their record. Once that time period expires the conviction is then classified as spent and no longer has to be reported to an insurance company.

What happens if I do not declare my convictions?

Failure to declare your driving conviction will invalidate your cover, so you will in effect being driving without insurance and risk a further conviction. This may make the costs of future convicted driver insurance prohibitive as no broker will want your business 

What types of insurance is available for those convicted of an offence?

Third party cover is the minimum level of coverage required by UK law. There is also Third Party Fire and Theft cover that will provide some protection for your vehicle. The Comprehensive cover is the most complete type of cover and protects both you and the third parties involved in an accident. Convicted driver insurance can be provided  3 levels, the choice is yours

How can I reduce the costs of convicted drivers insurance?

By using a vehicle that has a small displacement engine and is classified as economical will place the cover for it in a group with the lowest possible premium costs. Installing a telemetric device like a black box and or a dashcam will help prove how safe you drive and can make you eligible for a discount.

Parking the vehicle in a secure location like a shed or garage that has securing features such as alarms and exterior lighting can also make you eligible for a discount. Adding an immobilizer or other anti theft device can also make you eligible for a discount from the insurance company.

The higher the voluntary excess is the lower the premium will be. You can also avoid interest by paying the premium on an annual basis instead of monthly instalments.

What must be understood is that not every insurance company will issue a policy for convicted drivers. By using a speciality convicted driver insurance broker to help you will be a path that can be taken where you will be provided with a quote.  More information on on how penalty points are issued can be found in our guide to penalty points.

Compare the costs of Convicted driver car insurance

We can help you compare the cost of convicted car and convicted van insurance. We work in partnership with QuoteSearcher who forward your details onto specialist convicted driver insurance brokers, who in turn will provide you with multiple quote options.Select the quote option complete the simple form.and a panel of specialist brokers that deal exclusively with convicted driver insurance for convicted drivers, will provide you with an  array of quote options.

Convicted driver insurance

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