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Guide To Car Insurance With Points On Licence

By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
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from the MultiQuoteTime Editorial Team July 2023

If you have points on your licence, you may find it difficult to find an affordable van or car insurance policy. This is a direct result of the added risk that the broker and underwriter would take by offering you car cover. This makes it challenging, but shopping around and comparing multiple quotes for convicted driver insurance is still the way to find a more affordable deal.

Do your research, with online comparison it is now easier to find a range of insurance options for drivers with penalty points on their driving licence. You could contact each insurance company, or it may be more feasible and time saving to use a comparison website service, example GO Compare.  We work in partnership with QuoteZone. They provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers that quote for drivers with points on their licence.  The panel will be in contact via the telephone to provide you insurance quotes. This select panel of UK brokers are able to offer comparative quotes for drivers with convictions.

Using a comparison service could result in having to pay less for your insurance with points policy than you initially thought. The panel specialises in insuring individuals with points or driving convictions. They understand that maintaining your ability to drive is paramount. Their aim is to take as much of the legwork from you as possible in your quest to find affordable car insurance with points on licence.

Affordable car insurance is for drivers with points can difficult to find as many providers refuse to even quote for high risk drivers. We can help by providing you multiple quotes from a select panel of UK brokers that deal exclusively on car insurance with points on licence. 

Car Insurance With Points Is Not Uncommon

The department of transport released figures for March 2021 that show it is not uncommon for drivers to have points on their licence is many areas of the UK over 10% of drivers have points on their driving licence. The table is available here for viewing and download. In North Yorkshire, the figure was 13.1% of drivers had points on their driving licence. 

Why Does Car Insurance With Penalty Points Cost So Much?

The addition cost will reflect the additional risk that you pose to the insurance company. If you have 3 or fewer your premium may only increase by a few percentage points, 5% at maximum  

When you go above 3 penalty points, your premium may increase sharply, depending on the number of points and severity of the offence. This will be particularly true for young or new qualified drivers.

Do I Need To Inform My Current Insurance Provider About The New Penalty Points?

When it is time to renew your licence, you must fully disclose any new convictions or points that have or will be added to your licence. If your insurance has already been issued, you might think that it is not necessary to inform your broker. In most cases, you could well be uninsured as a result of failing to immediately notify your insurance company. This clause is normally in the small print of your existing policy

How Much Will Car Insurance With Points On Licence Cost?

Aside from the standard factors that determine a policy premium, for example the car category. Points on a licence opens an extra dimension to the premium calculation. Put simply, the more penalty points and longer they remain on your licence, the higher the premium. According to Autoexpress the average cost of insurance in the UK is £700. If you have 3 or fewer points on your licence, expect to only an additional fiver. For 3 to 6 points your premium will jump 28% and above, which is roughly an extra £200 

How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance With Points?

Having points will indicate to the insurance company that you pose a higher risk of offending and being in an accident than a driver with similar profile, but with no penalty points. To get cheap car insurance with penalty points, you must take steps to lower your risk profile both in short term and long term.  

  • Lower Insurance Category : If the price you have been quotes for convicted driver insurance is out of your budget, review the insurance bracket of the car that you are driving. If you are driving a car in a high insurance category, consider changing to a car in a lower insurance to get cheaper car insurance for convicted drivers. This is also helpful advice to young drivers that are looking to save on car insurance
  • Compare The Market : The cost of car insurance with penalty points will vary from one insurance company to the next, as they calculate risk differently. Use this to your advantage by getting multiple quotes from a wide range of insurance companies. 
  • Black Box : Agree to provide additional data about your driving skills by use of a black box. Black box insurance or Telemetric insurance is designed to give the insurance provider information of how you drive and if the data is favourable can lead to cheaper insurance. 
  • Drive Safely : Set a goal to drive safely, stay within speed limits and always be courteous, this will help build up a good driving history and come renewal time you will get a cheaper car insurance quote than had built up extra penalty points.

Compare The Costs Of Car insurance With Points On Yoir Driver's Licence

It is always important to compare cost of insurance before deciding on a provider, and this is particular true when looking for car insurance with points. Different brokers view the risk of convicted drivers differently, and insurance premiums can be calculated differently from one broker to the next. If you now have a driving licence with penalty points or a DR10 conviction, come renewal time you need to get multiple broker quotes, to help find the most affordable option.

Insurance With Penalty Points FAQ's

Will Vehicle insurance Be more expensive with points?

Having points may increase the cost of insurance when it comes to renewal time. It really depends on the number of points and your overall driving history. If you have just qualified and have totted up penalty points, you will likely see an increase. On the other hand, if you had a good history of driving, and the offence is minor the points may not have any effect, 

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