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Guide To CU80 Driving Convictions

By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
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You are given a CU80 endorsement on your driving licence if you are caught using handheld devices such as a mobile phone while driving. Penalties have become stricter over time, and this conviction can lead to monetary fines along with 3 to 6 penalty points depending on the severity of the violation. If you are fortunate to only get 3 penalty points, you will stay face an insurance increase, but not as steep as if you were awarded 6 points.

What Is A CU Conviction?

A CU conviction relates to your use and maintenance of the vehicle. You will receive a CU conviction if you are found using a vehicle qualified as unsafe. CU convictions are divided into different offence categories and conviction codes. The CU80 conviction code is given for the use of handheld devices, such as mobile phones or iPads, while driving.

Driving Licence Conviction CodeMotoring OffencePenalty PointHow Long Does the Conviction Stays on Your Licence
CU80Breach of requirements as to control of the vehicle, such as using a mobile phone3 to 64 years from the date of the offence

The impact of a driving conviction on your driving record can extend for as long as 11 years. However, the CU80 conviction, along with most others, remains on your driving record for four years.

Finding affordable insurance becomes difficult if you have a CU80 conviction, as it impacts the price of your insurance premium. Any driving conviction tends to make insurance companies wary since it signals that you are more likely to file a claim, making you a higher-risk driver. As a result, as long as the CU80 conviction is on your driving record, you'll probably have to pay a higher insurance premium.

Fortunately, there are speciality insurers that accept convicted drivers. Even though these insurers might provide coverage, it's crucial to anticipate higher premiums even for non-standard insurance policies. That being said, a CU80 conviction may result in a premium increase of 5% or more.

Is it Necessary to Inform Insurers If You Commit A CU80 Offence?

You must inform your insurance provider about any driving convictions, including a CU80 endorsement, that are present on your driving record. Some insurance policies may even contain specific clauses requiring you to notify them immediately if you acquire any driving convictions while the policy is in effect.

Failing to declare a conviction, be it CU80 or other, can lead to serious consequences.

  • Your insurance policy may be terminated with immediate effect should you fail to disclose your CU80 conviction.
  • Hiding your CU80 conviction on purpose may be considered an act of fraud. Your insurer may notify law enforcement if they find that you have not disclosed your driving convictions.
  • Convictions that are not disclosed could make it difficult to get auto insurance in the future, as providers are not likely to see you as a trustworthy individual.

Therefore, being transparent with your insurer is crucial as it helps avoid these repercussions. It’s necessary to disclose all the relevant information and convictions, including a CU80, as requested during the application or renewal process. This will ensure that your insurance coverage remains valid and compliant with legal requirements.

Check out our guide to learn more about penalty points.

Should You Reveal The Spent CU80 Endorsement To Insurers?

Spent endorsements are driving convictions that have expired. You are not legally required to disclose your spent CU80 endorsement. However, it’s important to remember that even spent convictions, if disclosed, may influence your insurance coverage options and premium rates as they indicate negligent driving behaviour.

Tips for Reducing CU Conviction Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance premiums may increase due to convictions reported on your driving record. However, seeking alternative and less comprehensive coverage options may help you reduce car insurance premiums. Some of the options include:

  • Select Third-Party Cover : Selecting third-party insurance over comprehensive coverage may be a more cost-effective choice. It only covers the damages and injuries to other vehicles, properties, and drivers involved in an accident. Since third-party insurance gives minimal protection, it is comparatively less expensive. 
  • Increase the Excess :  A bigger excess on your insurance policy may result in a reduction in the rate. An excess is the sum you agree to pay out of pocket when filing a claim. Opting for a greater excess can make you a feasible prospect for insurance agencies and may help you secure affordable coverage.. 
  • Enrol in an Advanced Driver Training Programme:  Enrolling in an Advanced Driver Training Program can show insurance companies that you are dedicated to enhancing your driving abilities and becoming a safer driver. This can lead to potential premium discounts, as the training program is likely to make you a low-risk prospect. 
  • Use telematics device : Some specialist insurers provide usage-based insurance (UBI) plans. Such providers use telematics to track your driving behaviour. This data can then be used to determine the extent of risk a provider takes when offering your coverage and can lead to lower premium rates. 

CU80 Convictions In A Nutshell  

  •  CU80 is the conviction for using handheld devices including mobile phones at the wheel
  • The only time you can use your phone in the driving seat is for a 999 call
  • CU80 is in the top 5 conviction when it comes to driving offences
  • Punishments include points on licences and fixed penalty of £60

Is It Permissible To Use Your Phone As Sat Nav In 2023?

You are permitted to use your phone as a sat nav. However, the device must not be held in your hand while driving. This prohibition extends to situations like being in traffic, queuing, or stopping at traffic lights.

Driving convictions such as the CU80 are listed on your driving record and can reduce your perceived competence as a driver. When insurance providers see a driving record with convictions like the CU80, they categorise you as someone more likely to file a claim. This can lead to an increase in premium rates and cause difficulty in finding coverage options. However, finding suitable insurance policies with a CU80 conviction is still possible.

Get Cheap Car Insurance With A CU Conviction

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CU80 Offence FAQ's

Can having a CU80 driving conviction impact car insurance rates for convicted drivers today?

A CU80 driving conviction can lead to higher car insurance rates, as insurance providers are likely to see you as a high-risk prospect.

Are there insurance providers offering affordable car insurance rates with a CU80 conviction?

Yes, there are several specialist insurers who offer competitive car insurance rates to drivers with CU80 convictions. However, these coverage options may be less comprehensive when compared to options offered to those without driving convictions.

How does using mobile phones whilst driving affect my motor vehicle insurance?

Using a mobile phone, or any other handheld device, puts you and others at risk as your focus is likely to deviate from driving. Such action leads to a CU80 conviction on your driving record and results in an increase in premium rates.

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