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What is An IN10 Driving Conviction?

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July 2023

A growing number of drivers are being convicted of driving without insurance in the UK. It is a legal requirement and also a social responsibility to have the minimum of 3rd party level car protection. This minimum cover will provide compensation to other parties that you have injured bodily or have damaged their vehicle or property. The sad truth is that a growing number of drivers are choosing to drive without insurance. If caught, and many are, you will face stiff penalties and find it difficult to get insurance in the future.  

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Actions and Inactions That Can Result In An IN10 conviction

Whilst the vast majority of convictions are for knowingly driving without any insurance, other, more innocent mistakes can land you in a heap of trouble. These are listed below.

  • Forgetting to renew your insurance or missing payments
  • Driving for hire and reward on Social, domestic & pleasure or even a business car policy
  • Vehicle modifications that have not been declared. Remember to always notify your insurance provider before making any modifications
  • Failing to fully disclose the correct information about yourself or your car to the insurance provider.
CODE Offence descriptionPenalty pointsDuration Conviction Stays on your LicenceDuration you have to disclose to your Insurance provider
IN10Driving a vehicle uninsured against third party risks6-84 Years5 years

Why Does IN10 Insurance Cost So Much?

If you have an IN10 conviction are looking for IN10 Insurance, you most likely have realised that it is difficult to get quotes and the quotes you do receive are mega expensive. This is because you pose a higher risk that say drivers without any convictions. IN10 insurance will be expensive, making it all the more important to do the legwork and get as many quotes as possible and compare all the deals that are available in the marketplace.  You should also look for brokers that will accept payment by monthly direct debit to ease the cost burden.

How Long Must I Declare IN10 To Insurance Companies?

An IN10 conviction is a serious offence and will remain on your licence for a period of 4 years from the start date. During this time, you must declare it to any perspective car insurance provider, without excuse.  Whilst it will stay on your licence for 4 years, you still need to reveal this to your insurance provider for 5 years. So for the next 5 years expect to pay higher premiums than you had been used. If as with the IN10 you had not being paying any premium you will be in for big shock.

Always Disclose Driving Convictions

It is critical to disclose any driving convictions when getting car insurance, getting car insurance quotes online or offline. By not doing so, you will be breaking the law and any insurance you think you have will be invalid. If you were to fail to disclose prior convictions and this is uncovered by the police you will be staring at a driving ban, and such an offence will make it next to impossible to get insurance companies to even provide you with a quote for any type of vehicle insurance

Need Help Finding Cheap IN10 insurance?

Whilst an IN10 conviction will make getting cheap car insurance hard to find, you can take some steps to lower the cost of in10 insurance. By taking some steps, it will be possible to lower the cost of pay monthly car insurance payment with convictions. Here are some ideas you may wish to consider

  • If are able to provide safe park, normally off road in a driveway or garage, this will help lower your final premium.
  • Lower risk of permanent car loss by theft by adding a tracker device.
  • Get Multiple quotes from specialist providers of convicted driver insurance
  • If you afford it, pay the insurance premium annually rather than monthly payments 
  • Agree a higher excess amount, but do remember this will be your responsibility should an accident occur, and you are found to be at fault.
  • If your vehicle is in a high insurance bracket, you could consider changing your vehicle to one in a lower insurance bracket.

Any conviction may impact how much your car insurance will cost. So, you need to look around for the lowest price. However, making certain adjustments may help in getting lower insurance premiums. Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:

An IN10 conviction can make cheap car insurance hard to find. But, there are ways to lower costs.

Did you know? Comparing car insurance at each renewal date can result in savings over staying with your current provider

Get Insurance Quotes With An IN10 Conviction From Specialists 

The best way to get cheap insurance is to spend time researching and comparing insurance providers. By selecting the GET Quotes Below and entering some basic details, you will be able to compare the results from a panel of insurance providers that specialise in convicted driver insurance or drivers with points on their driving licence.

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IN10 Insurance FAQ's

Can you go to prison for driving without car insurance

Currently, driving solely without insurance is not an imprisonable offence , as such it will not in itself result in  a criminal record. 

What is the ban for driving without insurance?

4-6 penalty points that will remain on your licence for a period of 4 years, plus a fine GBP300

If my vehicle is insured, but I am not, could I still receive a penalty?

The vehicle may have insurance, but if you do not have cover to drive it, you will still be liable to conviction.

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