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Insurance for MS90 Convictions

If you are the registered keeper of a vehicle, you will get an MS90 conviction if you fail to provide details about the driver of the vehicle at the time when the cause of the offence happened. This is a serious conviction, and you will find it difficult to get car insurance in the future, unlike getting car insurance with points which whilst more expensive is widely available

What is an MS90 conviction?

The judge gives a probation period, also known as an MS90 order, if you get convicted of a crime that is not considered serious enough to be sent to prison but qualified to be supervised by a justice worker. An MS90 is one type of probation order.

How does an MS90 conviction happen?

An MS90 conviction is possible when the police charge you with driving without reasonable consideration. This conviction will stay on your licence for four years, and you will be given six penalty points. These points can increase your convicted driver insurance premiums significantly and make it harder to rent a vehicle when travelling abroad.

Can I get insurance with an MS90?

Yes, you can get insurance with an MS90. The Motor Insurance Database (MID) is the central record of all insured vehicles in the UK. If you have an MS90, you should have a valid motor insurance policy. If your insurer has cancelled your policy because of your MS90, you must not drive the vehicle until you've taken out another policy.

Is MS90 a serious offence?

MS90 carries a criminal charge that will remain on your record and impact your ability to get jobs. It's also a mandatory conviction, which means you have no option for diversion or deferred adjudication. The only way to avoid the sentence is to be found not guilty at trial.

How does MS90 affect my insurance?

If you don't have a policy in place at the start of the new MS90 period, or you renew your policy after this date, your insurer will take into account the number of penalty points you've been given over the last three years.

Can you get insured with MS90?

If you have a driving offence like MS90 on your licence, it can be difficult to find affordable car insurance. Some insurers may refuse to cover you altogether, and others may charge much higher premiums than they would if you had no convictions.

Is MS90 a criminal conviction?

MS90 is not a criminal conviction, it is a fine or penalty. It is not considered a criminal offence, but you will still get punished with a fine. However, you may also be convicted of a crime, depending on what you've been fined for.

The idea of an MS90 being a criminal conviction comes from the fact that it is classed as the same offence as having no licence or MOT.

How long does MS90 stay on your licence? / How long does an MS90 conviction last?

If you have been convicted of an MS90 offence, this will stay on your licence for 10 years. Moreover, it will stay on your record until the end of the period. This can seriously impact your insurance premiums and could lead to some insurers refusing to offer you a policy.

You better be careful and avoid the conviction. Having an MS90 on your record means that even after serving your sentence, the conviction will still be visible to any insurance company or potential employer who wants to check your record. 

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