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Guide To SP30 Driving Offence Insurance

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July 2023

Exceeding the speed limit while driving on a public road will get you an SP30 endorsement. This is a vital factor to disclose when applying for convicted driver car insurance.

Do You Have To Declare A SP30 Offence When Applying For Insurance?

You don't have to declare an SP30 to your insurance company. The DVLA doesn't share your driving conviction information with insurers; it's up to you to let them know. However, there can be a number of consequences if you don't report it. The only way to determine if your insurer requires you to declare an SP30 is by checking your policy documents or speaking to them directly.

How Long Does SP30 Stay on Your Licence?

It depends on how many points you get in total. The number of SP30 convictions you get will also impact the length of time they stay on your licence. The worry is that if you get too many points, you'll reach a disqualification by accumulation. It means that they will confiscate your licence, and you won't be able to drive.

Conviction Code for Breaking Speed Limits

Have you been caught speeding, it is a very common offence, use our speeding fine calculator tool to find out what to expect in terms of fine and points that you will receive.

Conviction codePenalty Points Stay on Licence
SP30The number of points will vary from between 3 and 6, depending on the circumstances4 years from the date of the offence
Exceeding Goods Vehicle Speed Limit 3 - 6 Points4 Years
Exceeding Passenger Vehicle Speed Limit3 - 6 Points4 Years
Exceeding Speed Limit On A Public Road3 - 6 Points4 Years
Exceeding Speed Limit on a Motorway3 - 6 Points4 Years
Exceeding Goods Vehicle Speed Limit ( excluding passenger and goods vehicles 3 - 6 Points4 Years
You were not speeding.
Good Job!
No offence was committed.

How Long Does A Speeding Offence Stay On Your licence?

The maximum level of penalty points you can get for speeding is six. Penalty points stay on your licence for four years from the date of the offence. You won't be allowed to drive for six months once you've got 12 or more penalty points, or until you have your driving licence returned at the end of your disqualification period.

Can You Pay to Remove Points From your Driving Licence UK?

No. It's not possible to remove penalty points from your driving licence. However, suppose you went to court for a motoring offence and were convicted. In that case, the court may have offered you the chance to take a speed awareness course or driver rehabilitation course as an alternative to penalty points. The police, not private companies, run these courses, and you'll be offered one if you were caught speeding but haven't been convicted for any other speeding offences in the previous three years.

What Is The Difference Between SP30 and SP40

SP30 and SP40 are driving offences committed when either a police officer or a speed camera catches a driver breaking the speed limit. The SP30 code refers to exceeding the speed limit on a public road, while SP40 is an endorsement you will get on your licence when you exceed the speed limit in a passenger vehicle, such as a motorbike or common car.

What Is The Difference Between SP30 and SP50?

Both are related to driving without due care and attention. The latter can be used for many motoring offences, a common one being tailgating. However, SP50 is a more serious offence than SP30. Both will result in points on your licence and potentially a fine, but SP50 will be a higher fine.

What Is SP60 Speeding?

SP60 is given when you exceed the speed limit by up to 10mph in a 60 zone. As a result, you can get 3 points on your licence and a fine of up to £1000. It is typically given for drivers at speeds between 31 mph and 40 mph over the limit. The court has the discretion to provide you with a driving ban if your case crosses the threshold for disqualification.

It is best to understand the offences you may incur for going beyond the speed limit. This way, you can avoid the hassles of facing possible charges or having your licence confiscated.  

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Speeding SP30 FAQ's

Can you get 6 points for speeding UK?

You will get 6 penalty points if you are caught exceeding the set seed limit by 20mph, this is a serious offence classed as band C. In addition to 6 penalty points you will be fined 125-175% of your salary. Use are online speeding fine calculator to get an indication of how much you will be fined

Band C speeding

Will I be offered a speed awareness course?

If this is your first offence, and it is not too serious, you may be spared penalty points if you commit to attending a speed awareness course,

Will I have To Declare Attendance at A Speed Awareness Course

If you were just asked to attend a speed awareness course you do not have to inform the insurance company, that is unless the  specifically ask the question.

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