Speeding Fine Calculator UK 

You were not speeding.
Good Job!
No offence was committed.
Speed Limit (MPH)Band C Fine
125-175% of weekly income
Band B Fine
75-125% of weekly income
Band A Fine
25-75% of weekly income
5076+66-75 51-65
5091+81-90 61-80
70101+91-100 71-90
Points / disqualification

Disqualification for
7-56 days or 6 points
on your licence
Disqualification for
7-28 days or 4-6 points
on your licence
3 points on your licence

* The maximum fine is £1,000 for non–motorway offences, and up to £2,500 for motorway offences.

Speeding Fine Calculator - 3 Steps How it Works

Your annual salary is divided by 52 to compute a weekly salary, if you only know your weekly salary then multiply that by 52 to arrive at an annual salary.

The fines are based on the severity of the speeding offence and is broken into 4 bands, A ,B, C and D

The fines fall into a  range, example 25% to 75% of weekly salary the Calculator will generate the fine at the midpoint of the range, which would be 50% in this example. 

  • 1 Input Salary/Wage:  Enter your annual salary, system will divide by 52 OR enter your weekly wage.
  • 2. Input Speed Limit: Enter the road speed limit, 20-70 mph. 
  • 3. Output Fine or No Fine:  Calculator will generate speeding fine amount based on the range midway point

Having excessive penalty points on your driving licence will almost result in finding it more difficult to get insurance at the same rate with a clean licence. At MultiQuoteTime we understand that we can be foolish, but if you have learned tour lesson and are committed to getting you back in the driving seat with as little hassle possible, it should be possible to find cover that is not too punitive. Find out more about our convicted driver insurance and get a quote today! Ever wonder if it was legal to sleep in your car? Get the facts in our is it legal to sleep in your car, UK guide.

Did you know? Applying The 10% over the limit plus 2 additional mile rule is completely at the police officer’s discretion

Does your insurance go up if you get caught speeding?

Your insurance will most likely increase if you are a serious speeding offender, or you are a repeat offender. Insurance providers see excessive points as additional risk, and they will likely increase your premiums to offset this additional risk. If you are in this position, you will need to search for sp30 insurance to find providers that specialise in speeding offence insurance. Always check the date of issue as if it after 14 days it may be possible to get out of a speeding ticket and subsequent fines and penalty points. 

Did you know? Speeding points will stay on your licence for a minimum period of 4 years.

Speeding UK FAQ's

What is the minimum speeding fine in the UK?

The minimum speeding fine in the UK is £100 plus 3 penalty points. This is the Fixed Penalty Notice as of 2022. The points will be added to your licence and if you build up 12 or more within any 3-month period you may be disqualified from driving

How much over 30mph is allowed UK?

35 MPH or more will receive a speeding fine penalty. The rules are 10% over the limit plus 2 additional miles, so in a 30mph zone that works out at :

  • 10 % = 30 + 3 = 33 mph
  • Plus 2 additional miles = 33 + 2 = 35 mph
  • Minimum Fine : £100 and 3 penalty points 

** Please note : This is a recommendation  by the National Police Chiefs and is not the law.

What happens if you get caught speeding over 100mph?

If you are caught speeding over 100mph, you will be referred to court. The court have the discretion to apply a driving ban or 6 points on your driving licence.

What speed is an instant ban UK?

Instant bans are issued in most cases if you exceed the speed limit by 45%, for example, doing 43.5mph or above in a 30mph zone.  

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