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What is a TT99 conviction?

Car insurance is expensive enough without adding to the cost. Whilst you may not drive above the alcohol limit, drugs in your system or driving without proper insurance, you still can get penalised for accumulated penalty points for less minor offences. If you tot up 12 or more penalty points, you will be rewarded with a TT99 conviction and driving ban, something you should at all avoid at all costs.

To receive the totting up ban, the 12 points need to be awarded with in any 3-year period. The driving ban could last for 6 months ( if this is the first driving ban to be imposed).  The ban is automatic, and the code applied is TT99, which indicates disqualification through totting up of penalty points.

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Does a TT99 affect your insurance?

Having a TT99 will raise your future car insurance premiums, car insurance with convictions will become very expensive. This is because this type of endorsement shows to any perspective insurer that you are a driver that does not abide by the highway code and the accepted rules of safe driving in the UK. This is enough to warrant brokers to either not offer you insurance or if a specialist broker provider insurance, but at a cost that will cover their increased risk in providing you with cover. 

CODEOffence descriptionDisqualificationDuration Conviction Stays on your LicenceDuration you have to disclose to your Insurance provider
TT99Totting up 12 or more penalty points in any 3-year periodDisqualification Possible ( 6 months ) Possible 4 Years from the date of the Conviction4 years
Second offenceDisqualification Possible ( 1 year )
Third offenceDisqualification Possible ( 2 years )

Getting penalty Points is easy 

One moment of carelessness can result in penalty points, we have listed some everyday offences that can result in points on your licence include:

  • Using your mobile whilst driving TS notices
  • Reading the newspaper whilst driving
  • Breaking a speed limit - SP Notice
  • Failing to stop at an accident

New drivers need to be extra vigilant

If you have just passed your driving test, you will be under higher scrutiny for the first 2 years of road driving. During the first 2 years, you could get your licence revoked and have to start from ground zero. This means needing to reapply for a provisional licence and  pass your driving test for  a second time. Wait, it gets better, you only need 6 points in the first 2 years for an automatic ban. 

How long will a TT99 stay on my licence

The period of the endorsement is 4 years on your licence, but for insurance you will need to declare  for a period of 5 tears from conviction date. Failure to do will invalidate any insurance and land you in a heap of trouble.

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