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The Cost of Replacing a Conservatory Roof

The roof of your conservatory is directly exposed to the vagaries of time. It stoically endures rain, snow, hail, and the fiery rays of the sun. After a few years, it may start to falter, and it might be time to think conservatory roof replacement cost.

When cracks and/or water infiltration appear, it is time to think about renovating the roof of your conservatory.

Directly exposed to bad weather (frost, hail, rain, rays of the sun), your new roof must be very resistant, but above all efficient. Indeed, we expect a lot from the roof of our conservatory. The thermal insulation must be of high quality, the same for the sound insulation, while remaining robust against bad weather.  Time to consider your options and compare conservatory roof replacement costs.

When should you renovate your conservatory roof?

The materials that make up the roof of your conservatory are directly exposed to bad weather and the sun. They wear out. The insulation joints harden. And materials can tarnish or even crack. The most prominent signs of wear are water infiltration. Some water infiltrations can be repaired. But if they are too great, action must be taken without delay before more serious damage occurs.

But you can also be tempted by renovating the roof of your conservatory to take advantage of better quality materials. Today, you find some that did not exist 10 years ago, such as microbead cover plates or reinforced insulation glazing. This work can be an opportunity to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of your conservatory to better enjoy this beautiful place while saving energy. The savings may over time cover the actual conservatory roof replacement cost.

How to renovate the roof of your conservatory

Depending on the condition of the roof, the renovation will be more or less important. Only a professional can advise you on the work to be done. At Cost of Conservatory, we assist in conducting a feasibility study with precise planning and execution to satisfy your personal taste. We also allow you to get and compare quotes that help you save up to 40 percent! Click Start your quote to get  conservatory roof replacement costs from conservatory roof specialists around you.

1. The replacement of the waterproofing joints of the roof

Baked by the sun and damaged by mould, over time they lose their effectiveness. It is often their deterioration that causes water infiltration or even real water damage.

2. The replacement of the roof panels

Depending on the condition of the load-bearing structure and the weight of the new roof you want to install, you may need to plan for the change in the roof framing.

3. Replacement of the roof structure

Depending on the condition of the load-bearing structure and the weight of the new roof you want to install, you may need to plan for the change in the roof framing.

Changing the roof of your conservatory

The choice of roofing is very important. You must take into account the orientation of your veranda: do you want to let the sun in or on the contrary protect yourself from it? In addition, if you want to make your conservatory a living room all year round, the roof must insulate you from cold as well as from heat and noise.

Your conservatory roof deserves better than the elements

This is why several solutions are available to you to give a facelift to your conservatory. For several years, high-quality materials have appeared, something that was not possible 10 years ago. Let's take a look at these new products and the assocaited conservatory roof replacement cost.

First, there is the classic glass roof, polycarbonate, and finally the inevitable sandwich panel, a real technical feat. The choice of the type of roof will depend on your geographical location, the need for light you want, and of course the maintenance costs you have in your budget. 


1. Glass
The glass panel opens your room to the outside with a clear view of the sky. But this can quickly become a problem if you live in an area with lots of sun. Conversely, for regions where low temperatures are always present, we generally recommend reinforced insulated glass to keep your conservatory warm.

To note, this product inevitably requires more regular maintenance than for other types of roofs.

The glass veranda roof is expensive yet offers a high aesthetic value, especially if you choose reinforced insulation glazing. Heavy, the structure of the conservatory must be able to support it. In a very sunny region, it is imperative to provide protections to limit overheating and too much light in the conservatory. But in winter, the glass roof will provide beneficial warmth.

2. Sandwich panel
Completely opaque, it benefits from foolproof thermal and sound insulation. Varying from 16 to 55 mm, this material can be a real advantage in areas with strong sunshine. However, if you want to maintain natural light, there is nothing to stop you from mixing the types of roofs.

The sandwich panel veranda roof is composed of several layers of sandwiched material. These panels offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. In addition, they are light and easy to install. Their weak point however is their opacity.

The fact that it does not allow light to pass through is an advantage during periods of strong sunlight. On the other hand, it is advisable to combine them with a transparent material to create skylights in the conservatory.

3. The veranda roof in microbead panels
These are a variation of the sandwich panels. They consist of sheets of cellular polycarbonate filled with expanded polystyrene beads. This combination has good thermal and acoustic insulation while providing good light. They are available in different thicknesses depending on the degree of insulation desired.

4. Polycarbonate
This panel is the perfect alternative to renovate your conservatory economically. Slightly opaque, it lets through enough light without suffering the harmful effects of the greenhouse effect. Resistant, economical, and benefiting from a very satisfactory thermal performance, it is a must. In addition, it does not require special maintenance apart from clearing from time to time dead leaves and other stagnant objects. Convenient, isn't it?

Lightweight and easy to install, polycarbonate sheets are the most economical solution. Easy to maintain, they also have a good longevity. The thicker they are (from 16 to 52 mm and more), the better their thermal performance. The panels can be treated against UV rays. On the other hand, they lack efficiency at the acoustic level.


Whether it is glass, sandwich panels, or polycarbonate, the roof may require renovation work. Indeed, the conservatory is the prey of bad weather and your roof can show signs of weakness (infiltration, surface cracks, etc.) which can lead to collateral damage. So, if you want to renovate your veranda roof, several choices are available to you, each with their advantages and disadvantages.

Of course, the first question we ask ourselves when we want to renovate our veranda is the question of price. So the first question you need to ask yourself for this renovation is: how much will the renovation of my conservatory roof cost? How much will it save me? Indeed, a poorly maintained, ageing, or a poorly insulated veranda can cost you dearly.  

We also offer you price averages below:

1. Glass conservatory roof

Glass is certainly an aesthetic solution, but very expensive, especially if you want a glazing with high insulating power. Be careful, however, not all structures can accommodate this type of roof.

The average cost of a glass roof with 250 cm installation height and a 300 cm installation width is £3,000.

2. Conservatory sandwich panel

The sandwich panel is surely the most insulating product in the range. Its opacity gives it an insulating power from the sun in particular that other products do not have. Less expensive than glass, it is widely used.

The average cost of a sandwich panel roof with 250 cm installation height and a 300 cm installation width is £2,400.

3. Polycarbonate conservatory roof

Polycarbonate is undoubtedly the cheapest solution. With high thermal resistance, polycarbonate is a solid alternative for a qualitative renovation. Sandwich panels consist of two layers of aluminium separated by insulation.

The average cost of a polycarbonate roof with 250 cm installation height and a 300 cm installation width is £1,800.

What do we think?

Today, the majority of aluminium joinery has a thermal break. But with the choice of glass, you will also gain, long term, in thermal insulation. Choosing glass glazing with reinforced thermal insulation eliminates the phenomenon of cold walls and reduces condensation. 

For your conservatory, consider thick glazed glass which lets in only 20% of solar heat against 76% for ordinary double glazing. This option has a cost, but with it, you will gain maximum comfort. Otherwise, you can mix this with a different type of roofing material.

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