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The lean-to conservatory is considered the traditional type of sun room many have built onto the side of their existing home. Lean to conservatory cost is low in cost and easy to build while adding value to your home. It is the perfect type of addition for the do-it-yourself handyman

Lean To conservatory cost will depend on the type and style

This is a simple yet attractive addition, can be accomplished in two different fashions. The Lean to conservatory cost of both styles are similar with materials choices having the biggest impact on final lean to conservatory price. 

  • Dwarf wall conservatory has a base foundation that extends upwards on the walls of the structure. This is generally made of a similar material as the rest of the structure. This type has sturdier walls and is more secure.
  • A full height glass conservatory is one that has a transparent wall from the top where the roof is to the bottom where the foundation is located. This type permits more sunlight to enter the new room and provides a better view for the room’s occupants.

The one factor that both of these styles have in common is the roof. Like the name implies, the lean-to has a roofline with the highest point attached to the existing structure and then slopes down to the edge of the new structure. The entire roof is set with only one angle.

What affects the cost of a Lean To conservatory?

As with any building project, the material used in the construction of the conservatory will be one of the deciding factors into just how much it will cost. The other factor will be who is doing the construction, you or a hired contractor.

When a contractor is to be hired.

  • They are generally the one who selects the location where the building materials are purchased. With this, there is an unknown factor that most do not know. A collaboration will occur between the building supplier and the contractor where the materials will be purchased at a discount. This discounted amount will then be funnelled to the contractor as gratitude for bringing their business to the supplier.
  • The building material supplier will be picked by what is needed and who provides the largest gratuity, not the lowest price.

When you build the conservatory yourself.

You are the one that has to organise everything. This includes providing the design, where to purchase the building material and hiring any extra labour if needed.

  • To keep costs low, the roof should be made using polycarbonate panels instead of double pained glass. The polycarbonate panels are lower in cost and lighter in weight.
  • The eliminating or reduction in the number of windows and doors will also reduce the cost and make the lean-to conservatory easier to build.
  • By using the standard size materials into the planning and design of the new addition, even more money will be saved along with reducing the building costs since less material will have to be cut to fit into place. The area this should be done is by using the standard size panels are the walls. These sizes include 29 ¼ ”, 33 ¼” and 37 ¼” wide and 69 ¼” and 81 ¼” tall. Mix and match as you need to fit your design.
  • Framing of the roof must fit the weight needs of the panels used. uPVC is the lightweight, low cost and sturdy choice when using polycarbonate panels for the roof. When glass is used, an aluminium frame should be used since it is stronger and can bear the weight better.
  • The design will also be a factor. A square or rectangle shaped room is best for a lean-to structure. The size should also be large enough to fit your needs, but the larger the floor plan is, the higher the costs. It should also be remembered that the highest point of this structure is where it is attached to the existing building. The roof also has to be angled downward so rain and snow will not accumulate.

The interior

The finishing of the interior must be planned, so the electrical needs can be built into the frame of the new room. The size, type and location of the lights must be known before the construction begins. It should also be decided upon if an overhead fan will be used. The location of the outlets must also be known.

If the lean to conservatory is to be used for the growing of numerous plants, access to water might be a good idea. During the planning stage of the addition is the time to think about and include water to the area. This can be as simple as a faucet on the existing wall of the home where the new room is being added.

How the floor will be finished is another decision. Many people use a tile floor. This can be the same tile used on other parts of the dwelling like in the kitchen or a new type.

Lean To conservatory cost to heat

Placing heating ducts from your existing furnace or boiler is generally not possible or appealing to the eye. Just like leaving the door open to the house for the heat to enter is not practical. An economical way to heat your conservatory is to use heating tiles. This makes it possible to provide heat to the room when needed while minimizing the waste of heating a space when it is not being used.

What type of foundation is needed?

There are two basic types of foundations a conservatory can be built on. There are a concrete or steel frame foundation. What has to be known is that the footings need to be at a minimum 30” deep. The steel frame can’t be set on top of the ground alone. A solid platform has to be present so that the structural integrity of the structure will be established and last the test of time.

Most homeowners use a reinforced concrete foundation with the floor being at least 30” thick. This is a sturdy base that either a dwarf wall or full window wall can be built on top of it.

Is a permit required?

For most lean-to conservatories, the answer is no. Permits are required if the new space will be 50% larger or more of the existing structure. There are some neighbourhoods that will require permission for the local neighbourhood authorities, but those are rare.

The last thing to consider in keeping your lean to conservatory cost down and simplify the process is to purchase a conservatory kit. There are different size kits available by building suppliers. These kits come with design, instructions and materials to finish the project successfully. This also eliminates the frustration of having to make all the decisions on the project and matching up of the design with the materials to be used. A contractor can be hired to construct the new lean to conservatory if desired.

How do I get professional estimates for lean to conservatory prices?

There are many websites that make it possible to advertise your building needs, so tradesmen can contact you. At Cost of Conservatory we can help you by providing you with multiple Lean to conservatory price quotes, by vetted installers. In addition, there are many websites that make it possible to advertise your building needs, so tradesmen can contact you.  

When considering a contractor, know if they are a member of a professional organisation in their trade. The two organisations with the best reputations in the UK are FENSA and CERTASS. You should also know if the contractor is insured and bonded.

Other factors to consider include the location of the business office. Many smaller contractors work out of their homes. They are generally the lowest in cost, but also harder to track down if there is a problem.

Ask all prospective contractors is they have a contract for the business relationship you are about to enter that will be legally binding. If they do not have one and suggest you provide one, be wary of hiring them.

Most important when dealing with contractors is to always get multiple lean to conservatory costs. When comparing the bids, the lowest price should almost never be considered, especially if there is a large disparity with the other bids. These contractors almost always make additional requests for funds during the project. The highest bid is also usually tossed out since in general, they think more of their work that what is realistic.

The lean-to conservatory is a low-cost way to bring added living space to your home and increase its value. Planning each part of it in advance is the best way to have it done the way you want and can afford.

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