A Sunroom Extension: How Much Does It Cost?

Our sunroom extension cost  price guide allows you to have an estimate of the cost of purchasing and installing your veranda extension. It also helps you find the extension that best suits your desires and your budget.

Type of extension (10 to 20m²)

Minimum price

Maximum price

Basic sunroom extension kit

£ 2000

£ 15,000


£ 10,000

£ 30,000


£ 15,000

£ 45,000


£ 15,000

£ 50,000

Wrought iron / steel 

£ 30,000

£ 55,000

Custom sunroom extension

£ 12,000

£ 100,000

These prices are expressed in Pound sterling. All taxes are included. They are taken from the price averages of various construction projects. The team at Cost of Conservatory recommends that you request a free estimate. Comparing quotes could save you up to 40 percent. Click here and see for yourself.

Do you need a sunroom extension?

A real living room, the sunroom extension fits perfectly into the existing habitat, bringing light and the art of living. This new glazed space allows you to increase the surface area of your house, but it can also be considered as an innovative way to improve your living comfort. The sunroom extension, available in several materials and several types of glazing, is available in multiple colours.

Sunroom extension installation: the reasons to invest

There are many reasons for having a sunroom extension built. Maybe you just want to open the house to the garden to enjoy its lush vegetation, or you are looking for a way to enlarge the house, to make a nice extension to accommodate a new child?

Installing this extension meets many needs and can be arranged in different ways depending on the desired use. The extension can also be used to create the ideal setting to place the kitchen or a new living room, to naturally make your interior more convivial and welcoming.

Finally, it can be a solution to guarantee a financial gain in the event of a planned resale, in the following years, of your home.

The aesthetics of  a sun room are pleasing. Its many qualities, often help to provoke the famous crush and therefore to sell better and faster!

Sunroom extension installation: the choice of materials

Choosing your veranda means first choosing the material for your frame. Whether you prefer an  aluminium, wooden, wrought iron, ora PVC sunroom, know that there are a large number of shades and colours for each material!

Wood confers nobility and authenticity. Several European and exotic models are available. Wrought-iron verandas guarantee a vintage, very neat style that goes particularly well with the facades of houses made of stone or any other natural material. The aluminium veranda can embody different styles: old, classic, or a resolute design. Very resistant and maintenance-free, this material ensures the durability of your sunroom.

The PVC conservatories are contemporary solutions that remain affordable while exhibiting completely satisfactory energy properties. Also, maintenance-free, PVC is one of the most widely used conservatory materials today.

Please note: the techniques related to waterproofing require know-how and meticulousness, whatever the material of the veranda! We ensure this on all of our projects, among other top-tier services, at Cost of Conservatory.

Sunroom extension installation: the choice of model

To determine the ideal conservatory model, you must first ask yourself a simple question: How am I going to use my conservatory? In all seasons with the installation of heating and curtains to protect yourself from the sun's rays, or only to take advantage of sunny days?

After you have thought about the basic material of the frame, you are going to need to consider what type of glazing to use.

Obviously, to promote energy savings, double and triple glazing is highly recommended. You can then choose to build a custom-made sunroom or pick a standard model presented as a kit. At Cost of Conservatory UK, we have a catalogue of our achievements. You can request this to help you decide much easier what exactly you want.

Sunroom extension installation: what determines the price?

The points which can vary the prices of the installation of a sunroom are, for example, the layout and the orientation. Usually, the below questions determine if you get a higher or a lower estimate:

  • Does your land require special preparation?
  • Are earthworks and stonework necessary?
  • Should trenches be dug to provide services and bring water, electricity, and telephone cables?

These initial assessments can greatly vary prices and would be calculated from the start of the project. The price of the installation of the sunroom extension will then be determined according to its size, the materials chosen, additional arrangements, and any extra options you may opt for.

Compare the costs of a sunroom extension in 2021

A sunroom extension, first of all, needs a defined budget. To do this, you will have to determine your needs and desires in advance. Do you want a large designer veranda to fit out a kitchen or a living room, or a simple veranda, to enjoy your garden in mid-season? Do you want to bring a lot of light to your new living room, or on the contrary, privacy? 

So many questions to ask yourself to begin your budget reflection. Then, you will see that there are several solutions for your future veranda, from the cheapest to the most qualitative, depending on the type of sunroom extension you choose. 

With our service, you can compare multiple providers local to you (in your area). On average, you should expect to make savings of up to 40%.

Indeed, depending on the materials you choose for your sunroom extension, the price per square meter can vary quite strongly. Different materials also each have their own properties, but we can assure you of the best quality irrespective of your final pick.

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