What is Amazon Flex Insurance?

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Amazon Flex Insurance 

Becoming a delivery driver for Amazon is an attractive option for those that like to have some flexibility in their working hours or to earn some extra during the summer months or Christmastime.  The demand that first surged during COVID has not only remained, but increased. As such the demand for delivery drivers has remained high, particularly in London and other large UK cities.  And everyone knows that Amazon with Jeff Bezos at the helm is one of the most reliable and trusted online shopping and delivery services. 

Did you know that between 2018 and 2020, the number of UK households subscribed to Amazon went from 5 million to 8 million respectively?  It’s never been a better time to be an Amazon courier driver, but what is Amazon Flex Insurance? And how can it help you as a courier? Let’s find out more. 

What is Amazon Flex?

For those who don’t already know, Amazon Flex is a service from the online shipping giants that lets you use your own vehicle to deliver Amazon goods. It’s a great way to earn extra cash for driving. Amazon pays drivers in blocks to be available for delivering their packages. It allows you to plan your working week in advance so that you know exactly how many parcels you need to deliver and how much you will make. It’s a much better alternative to Uber Eats because it’s more reliable for drivers.

Do I Need Delivery Driver Insurance Cover?

If you’re thinking of picking up extra work as a delivery driver for Amazon UK, there are some things you seriously need to consider. Are you automatically covered by Amazon, or are you on your own? Let’s face it, being a delivery driver can be a dangerous business. Because you are on the road for extended periods, the greater the chance of getting in an accident. It’s a risky business, so protecting yourself against unforeseen issues is a must. If you are also considering Deliveroo, this article on Deliveroo insurance requirements is worth reading.

So, the answer is yes, of course, you need insurance coverage as a delivery driver. And with Amazon, there is a specific insurance plan that is dedicated to drivers working for this industry-leading company. 

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What Type of Insurance for I Need for Amazon? 

All Amazon Flex drivers will need some form of insurance coverage. It’s a legal requirement that you have delivery driver insurance for this type of job. And although you will have standard car insurance, it probably won’t cover for outside deliveries. In one way or another, you’ll need a Business Class 3 or Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Amazon flex FAQ's could be more helpful on this very important question.

The very definition of Business Class 3 can vary, but is generally geared to someone who is travelling between business or delivery locations. And if you do have a pre-existing plan, make sure it covers Amazon Flex, or it might be surplus to your needs. Some insurance companies don’t cover any kind of courier work, so please be careful in that regard.

Who Provides Flexible Delivery Insurance? 

To work for Amazon or other delivery services, you will need hire and reward insurance also referred to as courier insurance. A growing number of insurance providers are now offering this type of insurance policy, but the 2 main players are Zego and INSHUR. Both of these providers are able to offer flexible cover for Amazon flex drivers.  

  • INSHUR are able to offer flexible cover on a pay as you use basis, which is very popular, but they also provide annual cover. INSHUR is also a leading provider of London PCO insurance for private hire drivers.
  • Zego can provide weekly, monthly or annual insurance polices.

Also check with your current insurance provider, as a growing number of insurance companies are now also catching up and providing this type of cover.

What Does Amazon Flex Insurance Cover?

Before we go any further about the certain rules and regulations you need to adhere to, let’s get a quick example of what this type of vehicle insurance provides cover for:

  • Any damages caused by driving to third-party locations when you are working directly for Amazon.
  • Any damages your vehicle incurs while you are working directly for Amazon.

A major issue with Flex Insurance is the definition of when you are or are not working for the company. Your coverage will only start from the moment you arrive at the depot to collect packages from Amazon. And the coverage ends at the exact moment you complete the delivery or at the moment you arrive back at the depot to drop off any undelivered packages. If an accident occurs within those times, you will be covered by the Amazon policy.

Just remember that the policy doesn’t cover the drive home from the depot or your home to the depot before you start work. If you do have a road accident with another vehicle when you are working for Amazon, the policy should also cover their damages as well. But this is all in accordance with the rules in the policy.

What is not covered with a Flex policy?

Below are just some examples of usages that are excluded from a typical vehicle delivery insurance policy.

  • Any kind of social, pleasure, or domestic driving.
  • Any type of incident where you have let your vehicle to another person.
  • Carriage of passengers for reward,
  • If you are carrying trailers heavier than permitted by UK law.

Obtaining the correct Insurance is essential if you are planning to work as a courier for the online shopping giants. You will be covered for any accidents incurred during the working hours, but not for accidents outside that time period. We recommend that you get this insurance type right away if you are applying to work for Amazon Flex.

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