Best Food Delivery Drivers Apps Reviewed

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The food delivery service follows one of the following 2 business models.

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    The first model is termed an aggregator and functions as the man in the middle by taking orders and passing them onto the restaurant or takeaway. How food is actually delivered will depend on the food provider.
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    The second model accepts orders, but also takes full responsibility for the actual food delivery. As this requires a backend logistics system it makes it more difficult for new starts to compete and is dominated by big players like uber eats.  

Both models require the delivery person to have the correct level of food delivery insurance to provide this service. Below, we have a look at the key players in this fast-growing delivery marketplace.


Deliveroo is big in the UK and as any road trip will testify to. Deliveroo delivers food from a range of restaurant types for local takeaways to high-end restaurants. They are responsible for hiring riders that you see travelling bikes or cars delivery food at all times of the day and night. To work as a Deliveroo driver, you will need to take out Deliveroo insurance, as the company does not provide this cover.

Just Eat

Just Eats is a global contender operating in 13 countries and growing. For delivery from fast food outlets, Just Eat seems to be more popular than Deliveroo and provides more delivery options than other apps.

Hungry House

This is a small company that was acquired by Just Eats and now operate together. Whilst Hungry House is small, it still offers a choice in excess of 10,00 UK restaurants. When you need reliability and good service, Hungry House takes the biscuit.

Uber Eats

Uber has become ubiquitous, dominating both private hire and eating into the delivery business with the Uber Eats brand. Launched in 2014 this arm of Uber is now the most profitable and is still expanding fast. Uber is at the technological forefront with real-time tracking of your food order and a choice of delivery options that include car, courier motorcycle or scooter and even by foot if the takeaway is nearby or access by transport is limited.  


If you are using your own vehicle be it a car, motorbike or van to make deliveries you will need insurance that will cover you specifically for that purpose. Do not make the mistake of thinking that business insurance will also cover you for providing delivery for reward service. Speak with your broker before using your vehicle for the purpose of delivery or even a private hire service. 

Final Thoughts

The UK food delivery business is big and expect to see more advances in delivery modes. Who will be the winner or will it be a combination like Uber and Deliveroo in the UK teaming up. In the not too distant future, a drone may be delivering your favourite takeaway.

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