Best Van for Delivery Driver

The best van to use for a delivery driver would be one with a small displacement engine. This will save on the fuel used to complete the deliveries and reduce the cost of the courier insurance. Many other factors need to be considered. Some of these include the type size of the item that you will be delivering. If you are a fast food delivery driver, you will need something to be able to park in residential areas, so a small size and economical or even delivery bike may be the best solution.  Smaller vans will attract a lower hire and reward van insurance premium

Small or Compact Delivery Vans

The Citroen Berlingo equipped with a 1.6 L diesel get up to 55 MPG in an urban environment and is an ideal choice to make. It can handle a payload of up to 681 kg, and access to the back is made through a side sliding door. To help keep the cost of insurance down, this vehicle comes standard with an immobilizer and has GPS tracking capabilities. 

The Ford Transit Connect is another reliable choice. This delivery van has a 1.6 L TDCi diesel under the bonnet and is capable of obtaining 57 MPG in an urban environment and up to 70 MPG on the highway. The van also has a sliding door on the side to access the packages. Safety features that will receive a discount from an insurance broker include an automatic relock system. This locks all the doors on the vehicle when they have not been opened in the last 45 seconds. There are also powered deadlocks and an immobilizer that are standard equipment.

Midsized delivery vans

The Volkswagen Transporter T6 is a very popular model chosen by many couriers. This van has a 2.0-L TDI power unit that obtains a combined mileage of 47 MPG. There are also the safety features of a driver fatigue monitor and Electronic Braking Control, both of which are standard. They also help to lower the cost of your courier insurance along with the alarm system and immobilizer to help protect your investment.

Large delivery van

The Ford Transit Custom has a 5-star Euro NCAP rating and is the best selling delivery van in the UK. Under the bonnet is a Euro 6 2.0 L Ecoblue power plant that has a combined fuel economy of 49 MPG. It has a payload of more than 1.4 tonnes and is equipped with a six speed automatic transmission. The safety features that will provide a discount on your courier insurance include Pre-Collision Assist that automatically breaks when a pedestrian is detected. There is also a roll stability control system to prevent the vehicle from rolling over when the payload is shifting.

These are considered the best van for a delivery driver to own in the UK. All the road safety features not only help the driver stay safe, but also keep their courier insurance premiums at a minimum annual cost.

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