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Guide To Deliveroo Insurance 

By Eamonn Turley
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July 2023

Working as a delivery driver for a fast-food delivery service like Deliveroo is for many an attractive prospect. The food delivery industry continues to grow. This growth has opening up jobs for delivery drivers and riders that wish to earn extra income or for students who need help paying fees. The hours worked are flexible, making it an ideal second job. 

If you work for Deliveroo, providing a delivery service, then you will need courier insurance cover. Cover for courier drivers is not included in standard motorcycle, scooter car or van insurance policies. Some of these delivery or courier services will provide the cover as part of the employment contract. Others will not and leave it up to the individual to take out delivery insurance. 

ZEGO is an example of a company that provides their own pay-as-u-go insurance. This was a turning point for the courier service industry, prior to this you simply had to purchase annual courier insurance. The new pay as you go model has attracted many part-time workers or gig workers to providing a courier service part time. The big names are many and changing, but currently in the UK the big three include Deliveroo, Zego and Uber eats.

What is Deliveroo Insurance?

They are a British based delivery company that employs couriers to make their food deliveries. The insurance is supplied by the company to protect their couriers when they are on the roads in the UK. At present, this food delivery company has insurance coverage on 35,000 couriers in 12 countries.

Technically, this is hire and reward Insurance (H&R) cover as classified by the UK government. 

Eamonn Turley

What the Experts Say

Eamonn Turley Founder of MultiQuoteTime

"Deliveroo offers forms of public liability and personal accident insurance, but no coverages for your vehicle."

What Does Deliveroo Insurance Cover?

  • Third-Party Liability cover for up to £1,000,000. This is active for cyclists, deliver persons who walk or run and for scooter and vehicle drivers once they have exited their vehicles. The excess for the driver when a claim is made is £150.
  • Loss of Income protection is provided for those that are covered and are hurt because of an accident while making a delivery. This is up to 75% of their average gross income.
  • Medical coverage for up to £7,500 to cover the medical bills after an accident. This part of the coverage does not have excess when making a claim.
  • Hospital bills are paid up to £3,000 after an accident with no excess included.

What Insurance Is Required By Deliveroo?

To work as a Deliveroo driver, your vehicle needs hire for reward insurance. This is not the same as standard car insurance that provides cover for social and domestic and some business use. It is a special insurance that will provide with the required legal cover whilst you are working as a delivery driver with Deliveroo or other food apps. 

What Does Deliveroo Insurance Cost?

This courier insurance costs the delivery person nothing. This is a cover that is provided to protect the drivers and riders for this courier food service company. Once they download the company app and log in online, they are covered when making deliveries.

What Insurance Does Deliveroo Provide?

Whilst Deliveroo does provide you with the required road risk insurance, it does provide the following types of insurance.

  • Personal Injury and income protection for Deliveroo Riders
  • Public Liability cover for cyclists at all times and for cars and scooters only when they are walking to the delivery address or return from the delivery address to their form of transport.

Who Is Covered With Deliveroo Insurance?

Any rider or delivery driver who logs in with the company app is covered. If the regular delivery person is sick or cannot work for any reason, a substitute driver or rider can take their place, and they will also be covered.

This coverage is active from the moment the courier signs in to the app until an hour after they log off.

What Is Not Covered Under Deliveroo Insurance?

This is coverage for the courier, not their vehicle. For the couriers that use a car, van, motorbike or scooter, additional insurance to cover the vehicle is required by UK law. Deliveroo's insurance provides cover for the delivery driver while they are making deliveries. For pay as you use options, check out pay as you go hire and reward insurance 

The minimum type of vehicle insurance required by law is courier third-party Insurance also referred to as hire and reward third-party insurance.

Does Deliveroo Insurance Have Any Associated Cost With It?

Yes, to become a courier for Deliveroo, a kit must be purchased. The cost of this kit is £150, which is refunded when the courier quits the job and return the items. Delivery food bags may be purchased separately, please see our guide to hot food delivery bags available in the UK. The payment for the kit will be taken out of the earning of the courier over time. The items provided in the kit include;

  • Deliveroo backpack
  • Phone holder for your vehicle
  • Safety equipment includes a bike light, fluorescence jacket and helmet.

How To Compare Deliveroo Insurance

Comparing the costs of this type of cover is easy with Multi Quote Time, all you need to get multiple quotes are the following:

  • Own Vehicle Details
  • Driver Details
  • Type of food delivery service being provided 

After you finish inputting your details, our comparison tool will generate a wide range of quotes from trusted insurance companies that are tailored to your specifi requirements.

Deliveroo Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of insurance coverage does Deliveroo provide?

Deliveroo provide personal injury insurance, medical insurance and public liability insurance up to £1 million.

What does Deliveroo public liability insurance cover?

The public liability element applies to cyclists at all times they are on the job, but for scooter and car drivers it is only valid while when the driver is not in charge of their vehicles

Is Delivery insurance mandatory?

It is a legal requirement to have fast food delivery insurance or hire and reward insurance, which is NOT the same as standard car or scooter insurance. 

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