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Guide To Evri Courier Insurance

EVRI Insurance
By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
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from the MultiQuoteTime Editorial Team Nov 2023

According to the Great Britain road traffic accident report from 2022, within the next hour, fourteen road accidents may occur in the UK. Interestingly, a third of these accidents will most likely involve someone who was driving for a work-related reason. Courier drivers fall into the category of road users with higher odds of accidents because of the demands of the job. These drivers are often in a hurry to meet their delivery slot, they stop on busy roadsides to collect and deliver food and parcels, they also frequently drive unfamiliar roads and are sometimes distracted by an app on their device.

This makes insurance very important for courier drivers. Unfortunately, The typical usage categories for personal vehicles (social, domestic & pleasure, commuting, and business use) do not adequately cover the insurance needs of courier drivers. Therefore, these drivers need a specialist cover like the Evri Courier Insurance to protect them and their business.

What do I need to know about Evri Courier Insurance?

Evri (formerly known as Hermes) is a courier business in the UK that requires all independent contractors driving for the company to have Evri Insurance. The Evri courier insurance is a type of hire and reward cover that safeguards you against the risks of the job and provides sufficient coverage reflected in the premiums

If you're working for Evri and get into an accident, regular van or car insurance won't cover you. To protect your activities when delivering multiple items for payment, you require Evri's specialised courier insurance. 

What type of insurance does a courier need?

Courier Insurance can be grouped into three different categories, namely:

1. Courier Vehicle Insurance

This protects you by covering compensation payments and legal expenses that may arise from property damage or injuries caused to your contractors, clients, or members of the public by you or one of your employees. Most couriers tend to be self-employed, and insurance companies will also offer self-employed courier insurance to cover your risks as you provide a courier service.

EVRI delivery insurance is available for the following vehicle types:

2. Public Liability Insurance

This protects you by covering compensation payments and legal expenses that may arise from property damage or injuries caused to your contractors, clients, or members of the public by you or one of your employees.

3. Goods-in-Transit Insurance

This covers the goods and parcel packages that you transport from one place to another. Goods-in-transit insurance (GiT) is an important type of insurance for couriers, haulers, and furniture removers because these classes of workers assume possession and responsibility for the items during delivery. Therefore, if these items are stolen, lost, or damaged, while in your care, and the owner seeks compensation, you're protected against such losses.

What are the levels of courier insurance?

Typically, you'll be able to choose one of the following three levels of coverage:

Courier Insurance Levels

Courier car insurance and courier van insurance is available at three different levels, from basic third party to full comprehensive cover.

Third party

Third-party only - This cover level pays others for losses that you cause to them while doing your courier job, but doesn't compensate for your own damages. This is the most basic cover level, and it normally works out the cheapest, but get quotes for all levels as insurance cpompanies are increasing the cost of third party as the number of claims at this level have increased.

Third party Fire and Theft

Third-party, fire, and theft - This cover level includes everything in the third-party-only level and also insures you in the event of a loss or damage to your courier vehicle caused by theft or fire. This cover is more expensive than the third-party only.


Comprehensive - This level offers insurance for everything in the third-party, fire, and theft cover plus other additional coverage and perks for your personal losses like vehicle damage in an accident, car repair, etc. Some providers may allow you to add extra features like legal expenses and public liability insurance.

Other popular products for food couriers include Just Eats insurance, Uber Eats insurance, Admiral food delivery insurance amongst other upstarts in this competitive sector.

What is the estimated cost of Evri Courier Insurance?

The cost of Evri Courier Insurance varies based on factors like the providers, the coverage you opt for, your age, your driving habits and records, the items you deliver, the type of vehicle you use, your area of operation plus other factors.

To find the Evri Courier Insurance that suits your budget, you'll need to compare quotes from different providers before making a decision.

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