How much do Deliveroo drivers make?

Working as a Deliveroo driver or for other food delivery services is becoming the job of choice for many. It’s flexible, a good earner, and anyone who has a driving licence can do it. But how much do Deliveroo drivers make? Can you make a good living from it? And what are the positives and negatives of doing such a job?

In this strange and peculiar world we are currently in, finding different revenue streams to make money is essential. Let’s take a look at how much you can make working as a delivery driver for Deliveroo and some other things you desperately need to know. 

Working for Deliveroo

Did you know that the UK fast food delivery and the goods delivery markets have seen exponential growth over the past few years? In fact, the industry has grown 23% year on year over the course of the last several years. And Deliveroo is leading the revolution. They added 10,000 restaurants to their service since the beginning of the pandemic, with no signs of slowing down.

There might be no better time to sign up as a Deliveroo delivery driver. But there is a lot of competition for shifts. Some days you can be busier than you can imagine, and other days you can sit around twiddling your thumbs. It can be a hit-and-miss job, but it is flexible, and you can do well financially if you are dedicated.

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How much does Deliveroo Pay?

Independent research shows that Deliveroo drivers can make approximately £7 to £12 per hour. It’s a very decent wage for this type of work. As they pay drivers per delivery, your pay will always vary depending on the amount of work you do each month. It’s literally paid as you go. 

Deliveroo used to offer two different payment methods that included a standard base wage with smaller delivery commissions and a full commission-based pay-per-drop option. Conflicting reports from drivers say that the base wage option never existed, but all that’s irrelevant now because they now only offer a pay-per-drop payment with no guaranteed earnings.

How is the Deliveroo Pay-Per-Drop Calculated?

There are so many variables that combine to calculate your Deliveroo pay-per-drop commission earnings. The distances you are expected to drive for deliveries and how many orders you are collecting have a massive effect on payment. For example, Deliveroo’s algorithm will package together several orders from the same restaurant if the delivery distances are close to each other. These order types will maximize your earning potential, but you can’t gauge for it as a driver. Projecting how much you make each month can be difficult.

And then there are tips from customers to take into consideration. However, the UK doesn’t have the same tipping culture like America, so that’s not as lucrative as it could be. All indications show that Deliveroo drivers get more tips than drivers from UberEats, JustEat, or other competitors. This is apparently true because Deliveroo deals with higher-end restaurants that could result in more tips.

How Much can you Earn Daily with Deliveroo?

Working out the average commission you make for delivery is a good way to calculate your potential earnings over a week or a month. You can earn between £2.90 and £6 per delivery with Deliveroo. 

They have an algorithm that automatically calculates how much drivers make per mile, but we are not privy to those calculations. The two main factors that combine to decide how much you make per delivery are the length (time and distance) of the journey and the number of orders you can collect in a single visit from the restaurant.

Will I get Tips?

In general The British do not like to tip, but you can expect to earn extra money via tips and the good news is that you get to keep 100% of any tips. Deliveroo give advice on how to maximise your chances of being tipped on this FAQ page. 

What will my Expenses be? 

Deliverro now provide the safety gear, making you highly visible and also provide face mask and hand sanitiser. However, you need to take into account your own costs as follows:

  • Vehicle deprecation  
  • Courier insurance also called hire and reward insurance
  • Fuel if using a car, bike or van 

How Often Does Deliveroo Make Payments?

Delivery drivers and riders get paid every week from Deliveroo. According to their drivers, they get paid every Tuesday. There is an alternative to get paid immediately for any delivery, but that comes with a 50p surcharge. And if you take this option, you’ll be paid every day, although you will be losing out in comparison to the weekly payment option.

Payments are made via the bank account you gave Deliveroo upon registration. You will at least get to keep your tips directly on a daily basis, but as we mentioned before, tipping is not standard in the UK, so this can be very hit and miss. 

Do I Need Delivery or Courier Insurance?

f you are constantly working as a delivery driver for Deliveroo or any other service, obtaining delivery/courier insurance could be a godsend.  To work for Deliveroo you need to confirm for courier Insurance, which is a form of Hire and Reward insurance. These types of insurance can automatically sync with your Deliveroo app, so you get coverage every time you are officially working online. It actually makes sense for both part-time and full-time drivers alike. You’ll be covered against any road accidents or legal costs or compensation payments that you might incur while on the job. Read this  an in-depth guide on courier insurance cost in 2021 if you'd like to know more

Being a delivery driver for Deliveroo is a great way to make a flexible living. How much do Deliveroo drivers make? It depends on several factors, but with hard work, reliability, and dedication you can make a good living on your own time and rules. 

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