Saving Money With Courier Insurance

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Due to the current pandemic, the courier business sector has blossomed. Food delivery and parcel delivery have both seen a surge in demand.  Once part time delivery jobs that many used as a supplemental income source has now turned into full time careers. Changes in the fast food delivery insurance sector has seen an increase in smart insurance options or pay as you go insurance. The good news is that courier insurance is available either full time or on a pay as you go basis.

Is full time courier insurance needed?

Until recently, many couriers were working part time after they had finished their main job to help bring in extra income. Those part time couriers would use the type of courier insurance that was only active when making deliveries. Once 30 hours has been exceeded, it is more economical for the couriers to use the standard hire & reward van insurance, which is also a commercial vehicle hire for reward insurance policy.

The part time courier insurance is at a higher rate and by working more hours, the couriers who are switching to full-time delivery persons, a commercial vehicle insurance policy is more economical. With the profit margin in making deliveries very slim, saving money on insurance coverage can help keep your business in the black.

How can I save money as a courier?

To save money means to lower your operating costs. For many, this means using an electric vehicle. With the UK government making a huge investment in charging stations across the nation, you will always be able to find one.

With an electric vehicle, you will also avoid the fees for entering the Clean Air Zones and the Ultra Low Emissions Zones that are costly for any delivery person on a budget. The cost to power your vehicle is also only 15% of what it would be if your vehicle uses petrol or diesel.

The increase of the excess paid by the vehicle owner is another path to reducing the cost of the insurance premium. By increasing the excess paid when a claim is made, the risk to the insurance company is lower.

The courier insurance policy should also have a named driver-only inclusion. This lowers the premium costs since it also lowers the risk to the insurance company.

It is the lowering of risk you pose as a client of an insurance firm that helps to reduce the cost of your coverage.

For more information on what UK courier driver cover can be found on this link. Once you know what you need, you can use quotes online to find out how much the coverage will be.

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