Surge In Demand For Van Couriers During The Lockdown

A courier van business during the pandemic is one of the bright spots that has emerged. This is the result of a change in the manner in which people are shopping today. No longer are they going to malls, retail stores or even grocery stores like they did before the virus outbreak. Today, home delivery of essential items is completed in a contactless manner.

Why are vans so popular for courier services?

In the past, many couriers would be using a small, economical car for their business to maximize profits by reducing the petrol used. Due to the limited space in these cars, a larger type of vehicle is now needed because the customers are increasing the size of their orders.

Not only are the orders increasing in size, but more types of items are now in demand. The largest increase is in the delivery of essential food items. Some orders may only amount to one bag of groceries, but more often the number of bags per home being delivered will be 5 to 8 bags. The courier vans provide the room for such an increase in order size.

By being able to handle larger orders with additional space, the van courier drivers can load up on more orders on each trip they make. This contributes to a higher profit margin since they are making fewer trips back to their base to fill up their vans with orders.

What are the cost differences when using a van instead of a car to make deliveries?

By purchasing a van instead of a car, will require additional capital investment, but not enough to deter any courier who wants to operate a competitive and profitable business.

The petrol used by vans is also near what a car will use if the economical engine option is chosen to power the van. With fuel-efficient engines being used, the pollutants the engine produces are also low, which will help keep the taxes on your vehicle low.

Saving money with courier van insurance is also possible when using a van. What does have to be remembered is the commercial hire and reward insurance is required by UK law. This type of commercial insurance is classified as the same as if a car was being insured to make deliveries, and the costs are close to being the same. What is the best van for courier work depends on your budget and resources.

If you have multiple vans, you may find that courier fleet insurance can provide savings compared to taking out individual courier polices for each vehicle type.

Is the delivery of items safe for the couriers and customers during the pandemic?

With electronic payments and contactless delivery process, the safety of both the courier and their customers is as safe as possible to minimize and nearly eliminate the spread of the virus with these transactions.

A courier van business during the pandemic is the proven path to generating a revenue stream to support your family during these trying times the population of the world now faces because of COVID 19.

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