What is GIT ?

GIT covers the goods that you are in temporary charge of on behalf of a third party (the owner of the goods). So whilst your courier insurance covers your vehicle, goods in transit cover abbreviated to GIT covers you for damage to the goods that you or your company are hauling or transporting. 

Please take note that some courier polices will have some GIT cover. However,  it is normally capped at a fixed amount which may not be adequate for your business needs.  As a result, hire and reward van insurance can be costly, but we can offer a comparison service to help find a good deal on this type of cover.

Check Exclusions

It is important to be aware that this type of cover can be very particular and does come with common exclusions, for example dangerous chemicals would not normally be included. In addition, some insurers may only provide partial cover for items deemed an easy target for theft. Electronic items would normally fall into this higher risk category.

Haulage of non standard items

If you receive a haulage request for goods that are different to what you normally haul, then you need to consider if your existing cover extends to this new type of goods. On these occasions it is best to first check with your broker if your current cover is adequate. If not you could suggest to the potential customer to provide their own GIT cover. If a one off job getting the customer to provide  the cover may be the best option.

Be aware that some brokerages will not cover some materials except if specifically included. For example dangerous chemicals or expensive items such as gold or diamonds are normally excluded. If unsure, please read the policy details.  If at any time you change the types of good that you work with double check with your broker to verify that your existing policy covers the new haulage category.

If goods are in your possession you are liable

You are responsible for any goods that are in your possession. This means if any damage or loss occurs you or your business will be held liable. To protect your self you need a good take out goods in transit insurance to cover any damage or loss.. 

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