What makes a good van driver

What makes a good courier van driver for the delivery of goods to the public requires several key components to work in unison. Some of which are natural characteristics a person would have and some that can be trained.


The van driver that can interact with the public and leave a positive impression is good to be employed by any delivery business. Since the delivery person very likely could be the only real person from the company that the public might actually meet, representing the business positively is vital to good public relations. This is possible when the van driver has good people skills, as in being polite, courteous and well mannered.

Driving skills

The driving skills of a van operator is very important to how well they can navigate the area they are assigned, too efficiently. Driving courteously at an optimal speed for quick deliveries should be maintained at all time while avoiding problems that can cause a delay as in tickets, accidents and getting lost. The use of GPS tracking systems are very useful, but knowledge of the delivery area is essential for the efficient delivery of items to the people that have ordered them.

The details

Keeping track of the details involved in your business plays a critical role in how well the task is accomplished. This can include planning an efficient route so the path taken will be the quickest. The shortest route is not always the fastest due to construction and bottleneck intersections during rush hour. Know the area and the times you will be there, so the van will always be moving forward. You should also have up-to-date hire and reward insurance, also referred to as courier insurance.

Make sure your van suits its purpose

Often overlooked, but van you select should suit its purpose, a van that is too small can cause damage to goods and block visibility and van that is too large an add additional fuel costs. Spending time researching and select the best van for your delivery service should reduce problems of this nature

Know your vehicle

Being a good van driver must include knowing about the proper characteristics of your van. A trip inspection should occur at the beginning of each day. Look at the tires and make sure they are properly inflated for the best fuel mileage and the smallest amount of wear. Overinflated tires lose tread in the centre while under-inflated tires lose tread on the edges.

Another area you should notice is the brake pedal distance. As the brakes wear over time the distance the pedal travels when stopping the van gets longer. When the pedal nears the floor when pressure is being applied, have the brakes checked and replaced if needed. If you are adding brake fluid to the master cylinder, it is time for a brake job.

Be organised and have a routine

Being organized and having a routine in both how you deliver the items and the paperwork that accompanies all packages increases the efficiency of the van driver. By establishing a system less time will be lost and all proper procedures will be followed.


Patience is a quality that comes naturally for some and evolves over time for others. This quality helps to reduce the stress the driver puts on themselves during the day. By being patient when surrounded by rude drivers, accident and confrontations can be avoided. This calming and at time soothing personality trait can also help to calm down upset customers.

What makes a good van driver is a combination of the above traits. By having or incorporating these traits into your lifestyle, you will be a valued employee and welcome at the homes you make deliveries too. You could also live with less stress and find more enjoyment in life.

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