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CoverMy Insurance was established with over 40 years of experience. It has been the gateway of a high-value insurance brokerage business ever since. Backed by a team of skilled specialists, the company is assisting clients across the UK in finding appropriate insurance plans. CoverMy provides a plan designed to meet every insurance need. They have experience in providing cover for the different categories of drivers, with a long track record on providing cheap London PCO insurance and minicab insurance. 

CoverMy Cab enjoys long-standing and strong connections with several of the top insurers in the UK. Besides, their knowledgeable personnel and expertise in the sector add value. Thereby making them one of the most dependable brokers in the insurance sector.

Did you know?  CoverMy Cab are one of the few providers of cab taxi insurance that can offer policies to drivers as young as 21.

CoverMy Cab - The Cab Taxi Insurance Specialist

CoverMy Cab is a low-cost cab taxi insurance. The specialised service has been available for private and public hire taxi drivers in the UK.

As an independent insurance minicab insurance agency, they offer top-notch taxi insurance policies. By analysing policies from various companies, plans are tailored to address client demands. They ensure that operators get adequate coverage for different taxi types—including black cabs, chauffeured cars, minicabs, Uber, and ride share taxis—at a reasonable cost.

Taxi nd Private Hire Insurance Levels

Like standard pay monthly car insurance, taxi and private hire insurance is available at three different levels from basic third party to full comprehensive cover.

Third party

Third party cover provides the minimum level of cover required by law. This type of cover will only pay out to cover the repair or replacement of other peoples’ vehicles, damage to other people's property, including injury.  With this base level, you will be responsible for all costs associated with your own taxi vehicle.

Third party Fire and Theft

This level of cover provides minimum third party cover, but will pay out for the repair of your taxi vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or for the cost of replacement if it’s stolen.


This level of cover includes all of the above but also, importantly, for any damage to your own vehicle regardless of fault. 

There are other benefits to using CoverMy Cab taxi insurance, in addition to their customised insurance options and outstanding prices. Some advantages are detailed below:

  • Experience spanning over 40 years.
  • Coverage includes Fully Comprehensive, Third-Party Fire & Theft, and Third-Party Only.
  • Flexible payment plans, including monthly taxi insurance payment plans
  • Introduction Discount for Private Car Driving Experience with a No Claims Bonus.
  • Coverage for the usage of Fast Food Delivery, Social Domestic, and Private Hire
  • There are annual and interim insurance packages available.
  • As a standard, coverage is provided for passenger personal items and audio communication devices.
  • Up to 60 days of EU Cover.
  • If there is a non-fault accident, a replacement vehicle (licenced and plated) will be sent.
  • UK-based contact centre with 24-hour helpline for reporting accidents and claims..
  • Great reviews from customers.

Based on the requirements of the client, policies can be tailored to taxi driver or taxi fleet operator requirements. The insurance choices provided under the umbrella are enumerated below.

  • Private Hire Insurance also referred to as PHV insurance - Covering taxis booked in advance.
  • London Black Cab Insurance - Covers all types of iconic services.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Insurance - Covers vehicles modified to accommodate wheelchair
  • Rural Taxi Insurance - Covers operators in rural areas or countryside.
  • Uber Approved Insurance - Covers all types of Uber vehicles.
  • Executive Chauffeur Insurance - Flexible insurance coverage for high-end cars up to £80,000.
  • Public Hire Insurance - Covers cabs that pick up customers from the side of the road or a taxi rank.

All insurance companies will have qualifying criteria, which are normally based on the history of the driver making claims and often the age of the driver. Younger drivers pose additional risk, which many insurance companies will either charge higher premiums or refuse to offer cover.

  • Under 21 : Covermy cab are able to offer cover for age 21 and above, many other providers restrict age to 25. 
  • Imported cars or cars that have major modifications
  • Drivers that have criminal convictions and been refused insurance by other providers.

Each cab driver knows how crucial it is to keep driving and working. The company offers value-added policy cab taxi insurance enhancements known as Bolt-ons to address this.

  • Pick and choose Taxi Breakdown Cover - Roadside Assistance & Home start
  • Guaranteed Replacement vehicle - Emergency replacement vehicles in case of accidents
  • Motor Legal Expense Cover - covers any legal expenses associated with your motor incident.
  • Extended Public Liability Insurance - liability insurance covers from £5m and £10m limits.
  • Excess Protection Insurance - covers the financial risk of paying a high excess in the event of an incident.
  • All Glass Cover

How to claim on your Cover My Cab taxi insurance?

The claims phone line is open 24/7 and 365 days per year. To claim, call the 24/7 claims line on 0345 184 9999. 

How much is Cover My Cab taxi insurance?

The cost of any insurance policy will depend on a number of factors, but the key factors will be the level of cover, the vehicle cost and the driver's history.

Covermy Cab Contact Numbers - Prefer to Speak to their Customers

Customer Services open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9AM to 2PM tel:0345 184 9999

Tips for Reducing Cab Taxi or Private Hire Insurance Costs

Taxi insurance comes with added risks over standard car insurance, and these risks are reflected in the cost for taxi or private hire insurance. If you need to make savings, consider the following options.

  • Blackbox : If the device shows you as low risk, you will benefit from future discounts. 
  • Downgrade: This does not have to be a downgrade unless you are driving a sports or luxury car, but choosing a car with a lower insurance bracket, example insurance group 7 will attract a lower premium regardless of your financial situation.  Covermy cab will provide cover for all insurance categories, but expect to pay a much higher premium for vehicles in any over 30 group.
  • Increase the Voluntary Excess :  Most if not all taxi insurance policies will have a compulsory excess of between £350 and £600. If are able to increase that amount, you can benefit from paying a lower yearly premium

For those that work on a seasonal basis or a few months per year Covermy Cab offer short term cover taxi cover, which will work cheaper than taking out an annual policy, the current terms available are 30 days or monthly taxi insurance, 60 days, 6 months or the standard annual policy.

Can I ytransfer my  No Claims Bonus on my Taxi Insurance policy?

Coverfmy Cab like most taxi insurance provider do not allow the transfer of a no claims bonus from a private car to a taxi vehicle, but they do day they offer attractive discounts if you have a private car no claim's bonus.

Do I need Private Hire or Public Hire taxi insurance?

This will depend on which local authority you are operating in, some authorities allow you to operate as a private hire and also public hire driver. A private hire driver must be prebooked via an app like Uber or from the hire office depot, unlike the public hire driver that can be waived down or boarded from a taxi rank.

Compare Multiple Providers of taxi cover

As the name suggests, we can provide multiple quotes from a panel of taxi insurance providers. The panel is able and willing to provide you with insurance for all taxi drivers, including those with driving convictions and those with bad credit. Simply click the Get Quotes option below and fill in a quick form to get access to multiple quotes. Then all you have to do is pick the best one!

Covermy Cab Contact Details

Contact Numbers - Prefer to Speak to their Customers

Customer Services, open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5:30PM and Saturday 9AM to 2PM tel:0345 184 9999
Make your enquiry through the Cover My Cab Online Form
Send them your enquiry by mail at the address: Field House, Station Approach, Harlow, CM20 2FB.

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