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Guide To DD40 Car Insurance

By Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja
Wajahat Raja Insurance Expert

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from the MultiQuoteTime Editorial Team July 2023

If you have been penalised with a DD40 conviction, it will stay on your driving licence for a period of 4 years. During this time if you apply for car insurance you must declare the conviction. Failure to declare will invalidate your insurance. This will also result in an increase in your insurance cost until the conviction is spent, after the 4-year period.

Dangerous driving is considered a serious motoring offence in the UK. DD40 is one of the dangerous driving convictions that can result in serious legal outcomes. The punishment not only involves fines and a driving ban, but you also get a dangerous driving endorsement on your driving licence for 4 years. This conviction will reflect you as a threat on the road, which ultimately leads to many challenges.

When you get a DD40 endorsement, finding car insurance at affordable prices will be a struggle. This DD40 conviction is a label that signals to insurers that you've committed an offence that falls under the "Dangerous Driving" umbrella. So, what’s there for DD40 convicted drivers seeking car insurance?

DD40 conviction for dangerous driving like a SP30 conviction is a common type of conviction. You might worry that if you have a DD40 conviction, that insurance will become unaffordable or mega expensive. Click here now and you might be pleasantly surprised.

What is DD40 car insurance?

Dangerous driving convictions are penalties if you are caught driving dangerously or recklessly. If you are pulled over for dangerous driving, you will most likely receive punishments that can range from fines to penalty points and a driving ban to even a prison sentence in severe cases.

Dangerous driving behaviours include:

  • Breaking set speed limits
  • Ignoring traffic and light signs
  • Overtaking other vehicles in an unsafe manner
  • Driving under influence
  • Driving while distracted, such as using a phone
  • Driving with the knowledge that the vehicle has a dangerous fault
  • Driving whilst unfit to drive, example a sprained wrist

The Road Traffic Act 1988 defines dangerous driving as:

  • The manner a person drives falls below what is considered safe or competent driving.
  • When a competent and careful driver believes that driving in its current state is dangerous

In the current scenario, the danger is associated with the dangers of serious injury to humans or serious damage to property.

Consequences of being held responsible for dangerous driving will or can result in the following: 

  • DD40 endorsement code will remain on your licence for four years.
  • A penalty point range of 3-11, depending on your offence severity.
  • A driving disqualification for a minimum period of 1 year
  • An extended driving test to renew the licence after the expiry of dangerous driving convictions is imposed.

The impact of DD40 conviction on your insurance premium

For now, we have gone through the direct legal drawbacks of dangerous driving. But what does it have to do with your insurance premium? Once you get back to the road after the period of disqualification, and subsequently will look for car insurance. 

First off, finding insurance coverage with dangerous driving convictions on your driving licence would be an uphill battle. The reason is most of the insurance companies in the UK do not offer insurance for DD convictions.

Here, the best bet is to find insurance companies that specialise in offering specialist DD40 insurance services to a convicted driver. But the problem is the premium prices of specialist insurers would be sky-high. When insurance companies see DD40 on your driving record, they might perceive you as a higher-risk driver, which could lead to an increase in your insurance premium.

In addition, you can not cover any sort of conviction you have received as it is against the law and can lead to invalidation of your insurance. Whether you are convicted of a DD40 offence or drink and driving ban, the premium prices will be on the higher edge.

Why is the insurance premium high for DD40 convicted drivers?

The insurer calculates the risk of covering drivers with a serious conviction. First, they assess the risk associated with your age group. Secondly, they identify the insurance group in which your vehicle falls in. If the insurance group of your vehicle is high, you will likely get high premiums for your DD40 insurance. 

So, if you are a young driver with a high insurance group and a DD conviction on your record, the premium costs will make their way to the higher side of the scale. Whilst you can do anything about your age, you could consider moving a car in one of the lower insurance groups, group 7 is one of the groups that have the lowest insurance costs for young drivers.

How much does a DD40 conviction increase your insurance? 

The general idea is your insurance premium will get doubled in such a scenario. In addition, the DD40 red flag will remain on your driving licence for 4 years. It means if your premium has increased from  £6000 per year to £12000 per year, the total increase in premium price will be around £24000 over the 4 years. 

So, a DD40 conviction not only imposes fines but also leads to ongoing financial consequences in the form of increased dangerous driving insurance premiums. 

How to find affordable insurance for DD40 convictions?

Due to a wide array of risks associated with the DD40 convicted drivers, your DD40 insurance premium will always be higher than that of a careful driver. So how to find the cheapest insurance premium as a convicted driver?

Only high-risk insurers will offer insurance to convicted drivers, but they ask you about the details of your previous dangerous driving convictions and decide the premium prices. 

Tips to finding affordable car insurance with a dangerous driving conviction:

Get multiple quotes

Use a comparison site: The insurance landscape is vast, and not all companies react the same way to a DD40 code. Some might be more forgiving than others. So it is always wise to compare cheap quotes from different insurance providers and see what they have to offer. You can use the MultiQuoteTime online comparison services to find competitive quotes for dangerous driving insurance. 

Bundle your policies

If you're bundling your insurance policy, like auto and home insurance, with the same provider, you might be in for some cost savings. Insurers often offer discounts as a reward for your loyalty and the convenience of consolidating your policies.

Adjust your voluntary excess

Adjusting your voluntary excess can affect your premium. By agreeing to a higher voluntary excess amount, you might be able to reduce your premium but keep in mind that you'll need to pay a larger portion of any future claims.

Get your quotes from specialist providers of convicted driver insurance

Need help finding car insurance with convictions? Click here to get comparative quotes from insurance providers that specialise in providing cover to those that have a driving conviction or a more than 3 penalty points on their licence.

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