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Guide to Debenhams Car Insurance

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Wajahat Raja
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Debenhams no longer provides car insurance, if you have an existing policy with Debenhams they will have notified you that it is now being handled by The terms will remain the same, but may change come renewal time. Before the renewal date, it is always wise to compare all the available options and compare these to what Debenhams / Vavista policy is offering.  

In the United Kingdom (UK), vehicle insurance is a mandatory requirement. It can help you ensure financial coverage in the event of an accident, fire, or theft. If you don’t obtain sufficient coverage, you may face legal penalties or be disqualified from driving.

Debenhams Car Insurance Cover Levels

Debenhams offers two different coverage options that help you meet your financial protection needs. These two coverage options include:

Third-party car insurance

  •  Provides coverage for third-party car or property damages
  • Provides financial protection for third-party or personal injuries.
  • Covers damages to your vehicle that arise from an accident, attempted theft, or theft
  • Cover medical expenses between £100-200

Third-Party Fire and Theft Car Insurance

  • Covers all your third-party liabilities.
  • Covers your losses in case your car gets stolen.
  • Covers the damages of your car in the case of fire incidents.
  • Allows you to add additional coverage options.

Debenhams Car Insurance Discount and Incentives

Debenhams offers various discounts and incentives, helping you save cash while ensuring your road safety. These are:

  • Protected no-claims bonuses (NCB) - NCB protection will increase every year unless you are involved in an accident.
  • Multi-car policies - Multi-car policies for families at discounted prices, helping you save on insurance premiums.

Debenhams Breakdown Coverage

Debenhams also provides breakdown coverage that offers reliable assistance in case of vehicle breakdowns. Debenhams has partnered with RAC to offer top-notch breakdown coverage. It has different levels that include:


  • Road assistance within the UK.
  • It can be availed when you’re a quarter mile away from your house.
  • You can also get a 10-mile tow.
  • You have up to 5 callouts.
  • You can also get free car health checks. 


  • You can get free car health checks and battery replacements.
  • You have up to 5 callouts available.
  • Car breakdown assistance for more than a quarter of a mile distance from your home.
  • You can ask for a tow for yourself and your passengers to any garage or destination in the UK.


  • Unlimited callouts are available.
  • You have access to vehicle breakdown assistance at any location. 
  • You can avail all the benefits of the basic and extra coverage plan.
  • You can have your vehicle fixed at the roadside or have it towed to a nearby garage.

Debenhams car insurance goes beyond basic coverage to offer additional benefits that enhance the overall customer experience. Such extras can make a significant difference when unexpected situations arise, providing you with the support you need. These include:

  • Key care, including the repair or replacement of keys.
  • Coverage for repair and replacement of your vehicle’s windscreen.
  • Courtesy car for 14 days if your vehicle is stolen.
  • Coverage and protection for problems that may arise due to misfuelling.
  • 24/7 claim support.

Debenhams similar to ASDA car insurance are flexible when it comes to paying for car insurance, they understand that may households work within tight budget, and they offer pay monthly car insurance as well as one off annal payment.a

Debenhams Car Insurance

Vehicle insurance is a mandatory requirement, and you can add extra options to basic policies to ensure comprehensive coverage. Courtesy car, breakdown coverage, roadside assistance, and legal expenses cover are valuable additions. They should be considered while comparing different car insurance companies.

Tips for Reducing Car Insurance Costs

Given that your car insurance costs will have increased because of your current financial situation, you may wish to cider ways to make savings by taking the following steps

  • Blackbox : This is popular with young drivers or drivers with a sp30 conviction, If the device shows you as low risk, you will benefit from future discounts. 
  • Secure Parking : If you have a garage or a driveway, agree to park your vehicle securely overnight off the public roads.  
  • Voluntary Excess :  Agreeing with your broker to be responsible for a voluntray excess should be rewarded with a lower insurance premium. 
Getting out of Debt SolutionsDescriptionTerm
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Did you know?  The government offers free debt advice, follow this link for full details

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**51% of consumers could save £529.95 on their Car Insurance. The saving was calculated by comparing the cheapest price found with the average of the next five cheapest prices
quoted by insurance providers on Seopa Ltd’s insurance comparison website. This is based on representative cost savings from February 2024 data. The savings you could achieve are
dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

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