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Founded in 2003, DNA Insurance is a member of the Howden Group. The organisation wants to give its customers the best motor trade, business, and custom personal insurance products.

DNA takes immense pride in being a company for people. They firmly think that everyone involved—the hard-working consumers or the direct, honest, and courteous staff—has made a significant contribution to making them one of the top names in this sector, alongside Nash Warren, Aviva, Granite, Bollington, Gallagher and others.  

Good Range of DNA Insurance Polices

Every business in the extensive motor trade has certain technicalities. The firm focuses on all aspects of the automobile trade. The organisation, which is well-versed in the industry, offers economical and tailored coverage. Even part time motor traders and those under 25 are covered by these insurance packages

Basic Covers

Road Risks

The nature of the business will mean having vehicles that belong to your customers under your or your employees custody and control. When they assume responsibility for or are operating their clients' vehicles, the Road Risks policies successfully protect them. Third-party alone, third-party plus fire and theft, or comprehensive coverage options are offered.

Business Premises

Garages, dealerships, spry shops, body repair shops and other motor associated business employ invest in expensive machinery and tools of the trade and also hold valuable stock namely motor vehicles. As a result, this property needs insurance. Based on the demands of the customer, DNA offers specialised insurance policies. This insurance covers employee liability, car stock, and business disruption.

Motor Trade Combined

DNA also offer the option to purchase both types of cover as a single package plan. This is often referred to as a combined motor trade policy. DNA and its specialist insurance partners aim to ensure that clients receive greater coverage while spending less time and money.

Motor Trade Insurance Types

Car Dealer Insurance

A car dealership can vary is size from big-name national dealerships to individual part-time dealers, work from home motor traders and everything in between. To determine a client's demands and supply a tailored policy in accordance to the car dealer specific requirements.

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • Vehicle Types Include - Cars, Vans, Classic Cars, Commercial vehicles and Motorcycles
  • A need-based approach, to create a policy that provides cover only for what you need
  • Cover levels range from third-party to comprehensive.

Mechanic Insurance

Mechanics do a wide range of tasks for a broad range of clients on any given day. Additionally, they frequently operate in difficult conditions, such as roadside, garage, or mobile repairs. Ramps, lifts, hoists, hand tools, and diagnostic equipment are just a few of the tools and precise equipment that are used in all of these operations. DNA are able to provide motor mechanic insurance based on your operational requirements, big or small.

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • Mechanics tool cover
  • Cover options : Road risks only, Business premises only, Motor Trade Combined

Car Transporter Insurance

This is aimed at those within the motor trade industry who are involved in the transport of vehicles, normally to a dealership, but not limited to. A significant obligation is transporting clients' vehicles. Vehicle safety is essential when retrieving, taking back, or delivering vehicles. Any transit-related vehicle damage results in significant goodwill losses as well as monetary losses. Car transporter insurance is specially created to address the needs of this trade.

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • Both trailers or trade plates are included
  • Business premises
  • Recovery vehicles, from a 3.5-tonne recovery truck up to a 44-tonne car transporter
  • List Element

Vehicle Salvage And Breaking

Very few insurers offer coverage in the given category. With the speciality network of insurers, it is not a challenge for DNA. Based on their assessments, the company offers cost-effective and efficient plans even in this tricky part of the motor trade.

Scrap handlers, Shear balers, Racking, Cranes, Vehicle transporters, Hand tools.

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • People on site
  • Equipment and tools : Scrap handlers, Shear balers, Racking, Cranes, Vehicle transporters, Hand tools.

Car Valeting & Detailing Insurance

Car Valeting is a mixed bag of simple and complex operations. Since they make vehicles look their best, the company ensures that they are protected to do the job as safely as possible

Jet washes, Hoists and ramps, Valeting machines, Hand tools, Lockers

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • For both valeting and detailing
  • Every car on the premises
  • Accidents or injuries on site.
  • Specialist equipment : Jet washes, Hoists and ramps, Valeting machines, Hand tools, Lockers 

Tyre Fitting Insurance

Generally considered a simple job, fitting tyres is a tricky trade in reality. It requires speed and precision. In addition, the businesses have to maintain a large inventory of tyres, from branded to part-worn. Then there are all the high-tech tools and equipment. Hence, the company has customised solutions to protect this trade as well.

Lifting equipment, Ramps, Tyre machines, Jacks, Hand tools

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • Tyre inventories
  • Specialist tools  : Lifting equipment, Ramps, Tyre machines, Jacks, Hand tools
  • Customer vehicles

Body Shop And Crash Repairs Insurance

From a little scrape to a big dent, body shops and crash repair pros work hard to get a vehicle as good as new again. DNA ensures that these specialists are well-protected while at work.

Policy Coverage Highlights

  • Specialised tools and equipment
  • Specialist alloy wheel repair tools
  • Spray booths
  • Ventilation kit
  • Vehicles in Custody and in Transit

DNA Insurance Services Wrap Up

The company claims to be a specialist in this insurance sector. The claims are backed by in-depth knowledge of all types of work under the motor trade umbrella. Furthermore, regardless of business size or activity, the staff at DNA is always willing to learn more about a specific trade and provide insurance coverage accordingly.

DNA Car and Trade Insurance Quote Comparison

A great way to see if DNA can find you cheaper motor trade insurance is by comparing them against the market. DNA is included in our car insurance partner's panel, so getting a quote with them can save you time, and we hope money. To start the process, which only takes a few minutes, click here.

Important DNA Insurance Phone Numbers

DNA Car & Trade Insurance Contact Numbers

Customer Services 03445 732 400
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