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Cost of electrical safety certificate (EICR) Revealed

Last updated 10th Dec 2022

Did you know that the electrical safety certification cost is almost priceless? It is in terms of having that special peace of mind when you go to sleep at night. You can rest assured that everything is covered and above board. Whether you are an individual homeowner or a tenant who is concerned about your electrical safety, this is a very important subject. The report is officially titled Electrical Installation Condition Report and often referred to as EICR 

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If you want to know everything there is to know about electric safety certification, its costs, and what it covers, we have got your back. Check out our electric safety certification cost guide below. 

Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR) – The Basics 

We are starting with the basics. What is an electrical safety certification and what does it cover? It’s a certification that shows all electrical plugs, sockets, wiring, consumer board, and light switches in your home are up to official safety standards.

If you are in the process of selling your home or getting a new tenant, ensuring that you have an electric safety certificate is not just essential… it’s the law! The Electrical Safety Council is the organization that recommends that a safety inspection is performed every five years on your property to check the electrics. 

Now we understand the basics, what is the average electric safety certificate cost? And how easy it is to get one?

Average Electrical Safety Certificate Cost

Did you know that it’s a very simple process to get electric safety certification? In all honesty, it should only take an electrician 2 to 4 hours to inspect your property. And if everything is okay, you will be certificated immediately. But we will get more into the process a little later. What are the average costs for an electric safety certification? There are a few answers to that question.

The average electric safety certification cost in the UK is £80 to £300, which largely depends on the size of your house and the number of bedrooms. We sourced dozens of electrical safety certification quotes to get these figures. Prices do vary, so we cannot say an exact amount without knowing the size and bedroom layout of your house.

We would recommend that all landlords, tenants, buy to holiday let owners and homeowners should always be sure of the safety certification status of the said property in question. And it’s also important to mention that only certified electricians can legally issue a certificate of this kind. The details will be listed in an Electric Safety Report, which will then be used to identify or pinpoint any electrical issues with indoor appliances, wiring, and so forth.

1-Bedroom House£80 to £100
2 – 3 Bedroom House£120 to £150
4 – 5 Bedroom House£160 to £200

6+ Bedroom House£220 to £250

How Are the Electrical Certification Costs Deduced?

As you can see from our average price analysis, the cost is not set in stone. Many factors combine to create varying cost ranges. Here is a quick rundown on the probable costs of getting your electric safety certification.

How Many Electrical Outlets?

The number of electrical outlets in your house will have a knock-on effect on your electrical safety certification cost. It only makes sense when you think about it. The more outlets in your house, the longer it takes the electrician to finish. The size of the building will decide how many outlets need to be checked and how long it takes. 

Where is your House Located?

Another factor that can have a knock-on effect is the location of your home. Did you know that labour costs in the southern part of the UK are generally higher than in the north? That’s right, so where your house is located can also affect the price. Always make sure you find an accredited electrician near to your area to cut down costs.

What Does a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate (EICR ) Cover?

As we mentioned earlier, it only takes a few hours for the electrician to visit your property and check your outlets. Your electrician will initially visit your property to perform these checks. He/she will check your electric outlets, wiring, sockets, light switches, fittings, and appliances. The electrician will remove, review, and reinstate the majority of these things to check that everything is working safely and to accredited standards. 

Where is your House Located?

The electrician will then make a report that assesses your electrical installations to highlight any risks or dangers. When you are selling your home or moving a new tenant in, you must have a viable electric safety certification. If the electrician feels that your home is above board, they will issue the certificate. And this must be performed by an accredited electrician for you to get your certified BS7671 electric safety certificate.

Do you have potential safety risks?

If the accredited electrician finds any potential safety risks with your home’s electrics, they will make suggestions on how you can fix the problems to get certificated. The most commonplace safety issues are overloaded extension outlets, faulty appliances, and suspect electrical connections. Most of these issues are easily fixed.

If there are issues, a competent electrician will find the source of the problem and service it appropriately. Be prepared to answer any historical questions about your house and its electrics. The most common questions are when was the last inspection? And how many appliances have been PAT tested?

Once the electrician has inspected your property, they will list their findings on your report. This report will then be used as your Electric Safety Certification. 

Getting a Reliable (EICR) Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate Cost Quote

Are you looking for a quote or estimate to get your electrical safety certification? If so, we can help you with estimates that are honest, reliable, and always on point. You can contact us directly with any questions about getting your certification.

If you are leaving your property vacant during prolonged renovation, make sure you have short term unoccupied house insurance as standard house insurance does not provide cover for properties left empty for prolonged periods, check with your house insurance provider for the conditions under your existing policy. 

Are you looking for honest electric safety certification cost projections? If so, you have come to the right place. Single property landlords and  Landlords with multiple properties, tenants, and personal homeowners need to keep on top of their health and safety protocols. Especially where electrics are concerned. And as you can see, the average prices are very fair and affordable. 

FAQ's - Landlord Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Do I need an EICR certificate to sell my house?

You are not obliged to provide an EICR certificate, but you may be asked for one by the conveyancing team. So whilst it is not a legal requirement, it will help speed up the sales process and provide the buyer with extra confidence that the electric wiring is all sound and safe.

If I am renting my property, is an EICR a legal requirement?

As of July 2020 it is the legal responsibility of the landlord  of the property to be let or renting to provide the tenants with an EICR certificate. This certificate should be renewed every 5 years ongoing. If you had existing tenants, you had until the 01st of April to provide the said certificate to your tenants.

How long is the EICR certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for a period of 5 years. At the end of 5 years, it is incumbent upon you to renew the certificate. Failure to do so may invalidate any buy to let insurance policy that you have in place.

Am I covered to drive in Europe?

Please refer to driving abroad for the original statement.  All UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third party cover to drive in other EU countries. The key takeaway is that your cover can be limited to third party only, please contact your broker to clarify the specific details on your individual policy for example green card inclusion. Also check that you have horsebox breakdown cover for travel into Europe.

what is bs 7671 wiring regulations

BS7671 is the building's standard  regulation  that any electrical appliance must meet before an electrical safety certificate can be provided.

What if I don’t use a registered electrician?

If you have used a non-registered person for electrical work, you have 5 days to employ a third party certifier to carry out an inspection and if the work meets the BS7671 they can issue an electrical installation condition report

How long does a landlord electric certificate last?

The certificate is valid for a period of 5 years, before it expires the landlord must carry out a new safety check and be issued with a new valid certificate.

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Disclaimer Any figures quoted in this article are averages only. We recommend getting multiple quotes ( at least 3 quote ) to help ensure you are getting the best price in your area of the UK.

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