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Scooters and mopeds are really popular on the UK roads, and with good reason. They are cheap to buy, cheap to run and cheap to insure. Insurance can be lowered further by completing the CBT ( the motorcycle and moped training test) .

Having electric scooter Insurance in the UK is important so that drivers of these economical vehicles can be financially protected just in case there is a problem. The most common of these issues that scooter owners are confronted with is the theft of their scooter. Unfortunately, the theft of scooters in Greater London are has risen over the past several years. As such, if you do live in the city you will be forced to pay slightly higher premiums and these in less populated parts of the UK. Don’t be a victim of scooter theft by taking precautions to dissuade a potential thief from choosing your loved moped or scooter. If you do fall victim, make sure you have a good electric scooter insurance policy in place that will pay out quickly.

What is included in Electric Scooter Insurance

Theft and damage

E- Scooters or electric scooters are expensive, most are £400 and can increase to £2,000 and over for some top of the range models. Being small and lightweight makes them an easy, attractive and profitable target for bike theft.

If you were unfortunate enough to have your electric scooter stolen or damaged, you would have to fix it or replace it out of your own pocket. With The Ripe electric scooter insurance product, you would be covered for both theft and damage.

Self Injury

Electric scooters can average a  decent speed of 12 miles per hour or above. Have a fall or an accident at that speed can result in nasty injuries. 

Injury to another person and property damage

Without electric scooter insurance, should you have an accident that causes damage to another party or property, you would be liable. These third party expenses can be staggering, but the Ripe e-scooter policy has you covered with £5 million Public Liability included.

Is Electric Scooter Insurance mandatory in the UK?

Yes, insurance is required along with a UK Driving licence for a motorcycle with a displacement of 50 cc to 150 cc to legally operate a scooter on UK roads.

What type of electric scooter insurance UK is available?

There are three types of scooter insurance coverage, of which each scooter rider must possess one. The three include full Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft and Third Party coverage.

  • Third Party (minimum coverage required by UK law). This is the coverage that repairs the other party’s property and pays their medical bills when you are at fault in an accident.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft. This level of protection is the same ad Third Party with the addition of having your scooter repaired, replaced or you are compensated for your losses if the scooter is damaged by fire or is stolen. 
  • Full Comprehensive. This policy includes all the above with the addition of repairs to your scooter and the coverage of your medical bills when you are involved in an accident.

Who pays the highest premium costs?

How to lower your UK electric scooter insurance costs

Young and new drivers are considered high risk because of their lack of experience. Due to that factor, they also have the highest insurance premium costs.

  • To lower the annual cost of scooter insurance, it is recommended that these young drivers obtain a DSA Certificate of Competence by taking the Enhanced Rider Scheme from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency.
  • Another way of lowering your insurance costs is to install a theft prevention device. This can be an alarm or as simple as a chain so that thieves cannot simply load your scooter into the back of a truck. 
  • By storing your e-scooter in a locked building when not in use is another factor insurance companies will consider when deciding how much your premium will be.
  • By making no claims overtime each scooter driver will accumulate a No Claims Discount which will also lower their annual insurance costs.

Having electric scooter Insurance in the UK is required by law so that you can travel legally on the UK roads. These are great vehicles for travelling around town and the neighbourhoods. Because they do not have large engines they do not go very fast so do not operate on a major thoroughfare.

The comparison service will help you find a scooter owner's insurance policy will provide the cover to meet the needs of the individual owner. Each owner may have slightly different requirements, some may be after a multi bike insurance policy, others may just want the best and cheapest scooter insurance policy. Find quotes for all types of insurance, including the top brands that include Vespa and Lamretta and the many other brands that are available within the UK or imported.

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