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ERIBA caravan insurance

Eriba caravans is another German brand that are manufactured by Hymer. Eriban offer a wide range of models suited for different needs and preferences.

Top Eriba Caravan Models

Some of the popular Eriba caravan models include:

  • Eriba Touring: This is one of the most iconic models produced by Eriba. It features a distinctive teardrop shape and retro design. The Touring range includes models like the Touring Troll, Familia, and Triton
  • Eriba Nova: The Nova caravan series offers a more modern design with spacious interiors and luxurious features. It's suitable for families or those looking for extra comfort during their travels.
  • Eriba Exciting: This series is designed for active campers that are after  versatility and functionality. These caravans are lightweight and offer flexible layouts to accommodate various needs.
  • Eriba Feeling: The model is geared to those that are seeking both comfort and affordability. They are compact yet offer all the essential amenities for a comfortable camping experience.

How much does it cost to insure a Eriba caravan?

The total cost of insuring any caravan depends on several factors, just like insuring a car. However, depending on the Eriba model and other factors listed below, expect to pat in the range of  £100 - £400 for annual cover.

Generally, static caravans have relatively cheap insurance compared to touring caravans. The reason is that static caravans are less likely to get into an accident, unlike touring caravans that are always on the road.

Several factors can influence your caravan insurance premium.

  • The Eriba caravan model:  The more expensive models will attract a higher premium, as simply because they will cost more to replace if destroyed or stolen.
  • New for Old : Some insurance providers will offer new for old caravan cover, often restricted to caravans that are under 3 years. This type of cover is mre expensive than standard market value insurance, but if you have invested heavily it may be an attractive option
  • Storage & Location: If you are able to store your caravan in a safe location when not in use, this will significantly reduce the cost of insurance in comparison to have it stored in a less secure location (example driveway or street).
  • Caravan Club Membership : Most insurance providers offer discounts to caravan owners that are members of a caravanning club
  • Modifications : Any changes made since the caravan left the factory can impact the cost, it is important to make your insurance provider of any such mods, for example make your caravan wheelchair friendly. It is also wise to speak with your insurance provider before making change and make sure any changes are professionally carried out.
  • Age of Policyholder and Claims History : Owners under 25 are often considered higher risk than older caravan owners, best to build up a good history of no claims that will keep a lid on costs. 
  • Projected mileage :  The number of miles covered over a year influence the cost of cover for your Eriba touring caravan, the higher the miles covered the increased risk to the insurance company. Conversely, limited road use can help reduce the cost of cover 

Lowering the cost of Eriba Caravan Insurance

Below, we suggest some great ways to lower the cost of touring caravan insurance or motorhome insurance:

  • Increase the voluntary excess –  Increasing this can help you reduce your premium, but remember this is the amount you will be held liable for in the event of a claim against the policy that is not covered in the policy schedule.
  • Improve Caravan Security – Speak with your insurance provider on making your campervan as secure as possible, as this should help lower insurance costs.  Consider adding an insurance approved alarm and immobiliser. Also look at adding a tracking device to make recovery easier should it be stolen. 
  • Get multiple quotes – Getting quotes from a lot of providers is now easy and is one of the best ways to save money on campervan insurance.
  • Build up a history of no claims : This is a longer term approach that will be rewarded with a cheaper insurance quotes as you prove to prospective insures that your risk of claiming is low.
  • Named Drivers : If possible, opt for a named driver policy over an any driver van insurance option.  Having an any driver will give you more flexibility but will attract a much higher premium as risk will be greater to the insurance provider. If you need any driver add some restrictions, example any driver over 25 only.

Eriba Caravan Insurance FAQ's

how much is Caravan insurance

The average price of motorhome insurance is around GBP375 for a motorhome valued under £40,000. The actual price will be determined by a number of factors including the driver's driving history, actual cost of the motorhome and how the motorhome is stored when not in use.

Do I need Caravan insurance?

Whilst caravan insurance is not a legal requirement, a caravan is a large investment, and it is wise to consider taking out insurance to protect against loss or damage. Also take note that according to reporting by the AA around 4,000 caravans are stolen each and every year in the UK.

Will My Caravan Be Covered If I Lend It to a Friend?

A standard caravan insurance policy will not provide cover if you lend out your caravan in return for monetary gain or any other form of reward. Caravan terms will differ and some will be okay with lending to friends and family without reward, but others may not. So before handing over the keys, check the terms of your cover.

Does my car insurance cover towing a caravan

This will depend on your car insurance policy, but at most the cover provided will be third party only, which means without actual caravan insurance you would be liable for any damage in the event of an accident when towing.

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