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Guide To Eridge Underwriting Taxi and Car Insurance

Eridge Underwriting Agency Ltd is a regulated insurance intermediary based in England and Wales. The business was founded in 2016 and has its headquarters in Tunbridge Wells. Around 11 individuals are working there, all of them in the UK.

The Financial Conduct Authority is in charge of authorising and overseeing the agency. To ensure the contracts are negotiated on behalf of its clients, it has teamed with Zurich Insurance PLC.

Eridge insurance services is dedicated to providing outstanding service and cost-effective insurance policies that satisfy client demands. The organisation is adamant that comprehension of the industry is crucial. It allows them to provide a product that surpasses their clients' expectations. The skilled team collaborates closely with a panel of carefully chosen professional Broker professionals to realise this aim.

It is important to understand the Eridge does not deal direct with the public, rather they deal with insurance brokers. They claim to have a select panel of UK insurance brokers that offer their polices that are underwritten by Zurich

Taxi Insurance By Eridge Underwriting

The UK's largest insurance provider for taxi services is Eridge Underwriting, they work with a select chosen panel of brokers who are experts in the industry. Similar to other providers of taxi insurance, including Aviva taxi insurance, they only offer annual polices. Whilst the polices offered are annual only, you can make arrangements with your Eridge broker to pay taxi insurance monthly, same for private hire insurance. 

Remember breakdown cover

Some policies don’t include breakdown cover for your taxi vehicle. You can compare the best policies for taxi breakdown cover separately on our website.

Public Hire Taxi Insurance by Eridge

This type of insurance applies to any taxi that may be requested on the street (like a London Hackney cab) or one you pick up at a rank. The only issue polices for vehicles that are owned by the proposed policyholder. In addition, they will only cover vehicles with a maximum of 8 seats and a maximum value of  £50,000.

Eridge Taxi Public liability

Eridge are able to provide Public liability up to £5 million for injury to any passengers and property damage ( please check your policy for conditions that may apply).

Eridge Qualifying Conditions for Taxi Insurance

  • Applicant must have had a full UK licence for at least five years
  • Applicant must be age 25 or above
  • The vehicle to be insured must belong to the policyholder.
  • Cabs limited to maximum of 8 seats
  • The maximum market value for the insured cab should be below £50,000

How to reduce the cost of taxi insurance

  • Provide secure parking off-road when not using your taxi vehicle.
  • Add additional security devices, example a tracking device, first check it will approved by your insurance provider or perspective provider.
  • Get Multiple quotes from specialist providers of taxi insurance and private hire cover
  • If you are currently driving a taxi or private hire vehicle in a high insurance category, consider changing to a lower category
  • Agree a higher voluntary excess amount, member this will be your responsibility should an accident occur, and you are found to be at fault.

Who else provides taxi and private hire insurance?

Most high street insurance agents can provide you with this type of cover, but also check out the specialists providers in this niche. These include Acorn taxi insurance, Bells, Freeways, Westminster, Paton's, Aviva taxi insurance and Haven amongst others.

Which local taxi authorities can I get a quote for?

MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with SEOPA Ltd to provide for our customer a comprehensive online insurance comparison service. This gives our customer access to a panel of specialist taxi insurance providers that can provide cover for all taxi authorities, including Liverpool taxi insurance, Leeds, Belfast and Birmingham taxi insurance, Top authorities include and the following :

  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh
  • Bristol
  • Sheffield
  • Cardiff
  • London
  • Sunderland
  • Stoke

Eridge Claims Contact Numbers

Customer Services - If you have a claim (including windscreen) to report or to discuss, please call 0333 241 9200

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