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March 2024

The food delivery service sector in the UK has continued to expand in recent years, with no sign of letting up. It is part of the ‘on demand’ services the public expects from the UK food sector. Delivering food by car, scooter or motorbike is an attractive side hustle for many. However, standard car insurance or even business car insurance does not provide the correct legally required level of insurance to delivery food or other items.

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What is Food Delivery Insurance?

Fast food delivery Insurance falls under the category of courier insurance. This type of insurance covers the delivery vehicle and can also include the contents or items being delivered. Business insurance for food delivery is a legal requirement. Providing a delivery service using only standard car insurance is effectively driving without insurance. Food delivery insurance should not be confused with commercial car insurance or business car insurance, food delivery driver drivers need insurance specific to using a vehicle for hire and reward.

Key Takeaway 1  Providing a delivery service using only standard car insurance is illegal.

What are the Types of Food Delivery Vehicle Insurance?

All motorised vehicles are required to have at a minimum of Third Party Insurance. For food delivery vehicles, the minimum is Third Party Courier Insurance. This covers the vehicle along with the food items being transported. The types of vehicles that require this minimum cover include cars, vans, motorcycles and scooters.

With third party fast food delivery insurance, repairs to your delivery vehicle repairs are not covered if you are involved in an accident, deemed to be your fault. Because of that, many businesses cover their vehicles with comprehensive food delivery Insurance policy. A comprehensive policy provides cover for your own vehicle, even when you are at fault. It will also cover claims for injury and damage to property.

Public Liability Instance For Food Delivery Drivers?

Unlike road insurance, public liability insurance is not a legal requirement. It is however a very important cover that protects you or your business gainst third part claims for injury, property damage or loss of property.  Claims for injury can be massive and without PL cover you may be help responsible for these if the court finds you to be at fault.

Public liability insurance is inexpensive when compared to the level of cover and protection that it is able to provide. Every business that has dealings with members of the public should give this cover serious consideration and all insurance companies can add this in to your food delivery insurance policy as an extra

5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Car Food Delivery Insurance, UK

  • List Element
  • 1. Vehicle Size :  In general, smaller vehicles will smaller engines will cost less to insure.  However, another important factor is the actual cost of the vehicle and average repair costs associated with the vehicle manufacturer. Think BMW and luxury cars that have a relatively poor reliability coupled with high maintenance costs.
  • 2. Delivery Area : Some areas of the UK, in particular inner city areas, pose a higher risk to insurance companies. If your vehicle is registered in a high risk post zone, expect to pay premiums that are slightly higher.
  • 3. Install a Black box  : This is particularly effective for a young food delivery driver, by providing proof that you are a lower risk driver, the insurance company will reward you with future discounts.
  • 4. Increase Excess : Vehicle delivery insurance comes with an excess, the amount you would be held liable for in the event of an accident that is not covered by a third party. Speak with your broker on how you can achieve a better deal by increasing the voluntary excess. Make sure you are comfortable paying out the agree amount in the vent of a claim.
  • 5. Pay as you go : This option is becoming widely available and if you only work a few hours per week to supplement your income look for a policy that is only activated whilst you are actually on the road providing the delivery service and getting paid.

What is the Average price of Food Delivery Car Insurance in the UK?

The range for a commercial vehicle delivery insurance policy is from £700 to £1200, annually. Courier Food Delivery Vehicles are considered commercial vehicles and will typically fall into this range. Add-on to the policy will cost an additional £75 to £250 per extra added.

These prices are national averages that include London with the highest rates and smaller rural villages with the lowest rates. 

The vehicles with the lowest rates are Ebikes, Scooters and Motorbikes.

What is Pay As You Go Courier Food Delivery Insurance?

This is a food delivery insurance policy that is only activated when the delivery driver is actually using his or her vehicle for the delivery of food. This can be  an add-on to a regular vehicle policy when permitted by your insurance company. The biggest limit is that the driver can only make deliveries for 20 hours a week or less. If you are considering working for Deliveroo, find out how much you can expect to earn as a Deliveroo driver in our guide to Deliveroo pay rates.

The costs of pay as you go food delivery insurance can vary. A current rough estimate would be between from £0.80 to £3.00 an hour. 

For those drivers that operate more than 20 hours a week, there are 30 hours per week pay as you go courier food delivery insurance. This type of policy costs from £122 to £350 a month

Key Takeaway 2  Speak with your insurance provider to see if you can upgrade or purchase an add-on insurance to enable you to use your vehicle for the delivery of food on a pay as you go basis.

What Insurance do Food Couriers need?

All food delivery drivers need to either have a commercial food delivery insurance policy or have an add-on to their social vehicle policy to be covered. Without either of these, the driver will not be covered if they are involved in an accident when making deliveries.

No matter what type of meal you are delivery, which can be gourmet meals to pizza, special insurance is required. Many businesses that hire drivers and provide the vehicles also provide insurance. If you use your vehicle to deliver the food, then you are responsible for notifying your insurance company and taking out a fast food delivery insurance policy. 

Fast Food Service Methods

Today it is fairly common to be able to order a hot food from the local restaurant for a special occasion or fast food from a nearby chippy for a less special occasion. Making sure the food is still hot is a major requirement for the restaurant to remain successful. To help achieve this aim, the takeaway may employ one of the following methods or a mix.

  • Scooter or Motorbike
  • Courier car
  • Deliver cycles are also very common in built up areas
  • On foot, for nearby locations
  • Courier van
delivery insurance UK

Why is Food Delivery Insurance so Expensive?

Food delivery insurance will be more expensive than standard car insurance because you are using your vehicle to provide a delivery service, which introduces extra risk to the insurance company.  The key reasons why delivery drives pose an increased risk include:

  • The vehicle will be on the road for more hours on a daily basis.
  • More miles are covered on a daily basis.
  • Courier drivers take more risks because of the time restraints in making the delivery.
  • Deliveries are made during rush hour and late at night.
  • Most operate in congested urban areas.

Driving Without the Correct Insurance Can Lead to A Conviction

If your vehicle is involved in an accident whilst you are providing a delivery service, the claim will be rejected by the insurance company if you do not have the correct level of insurance. In monetary terms, this means that you be responsible for all the associated costs of the accident. In addition, from a legal perspective you will be driving without insurance, which can lead to a driving conviction.

  • If you are hired as a delivery driver and use your own vehicle, you need to contact your insurance agent and add food delivery insurance to your existing policy.
  • Some employers do provide hire and reward coverage for their drivers. Before being hired, check if your new employer will cover your vehicle while you are working for them.

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Fast Food Delivery Insurance FAQ's

How much is Fast food delivery insurance?

The cost for an annual food delivery insurance policy in the UK can range anywhere from £650 to £1200. The actual delivery food insurance cost will depend on a number of factors, including the level and extent of cover required. Additional factors will include your history for making insurance claims, your age and the vehicle type value of the vehicle type to be insured.  

Can you deliver food with car business insurance?

It is important to note that standard car insurance will not cover you for delivery food, even if your policy includes “business use”. The correct cover required is a  form of hire and reward insurance, termed food delivery insurance. 

Why is business use not sufficient? Because providing a delivery service, particularly one that is time dependent, increases your insurance risk profile. This extra risk is not covered by a standard business insurance policy. If you intend to use your car to deliver food within the UK, you will need a policy that extends your existing car insurance for the delivery of fast food

Does my business need fast food delivery insurance?

The answer is yes if your business is making deliveries. This can be the restaurant itself that owns a fleet of delivery vehicles or a third party business that operates the delivery vehicle fleet.

The answer is no if you are a restaurant owner and a third party business delivers your food to your customers.

The easiest way to determine if you need courier insurance is to ask one question. Who owns the vehicles making the deliveries? The business that owns the vehicles is the one who needs to have the courier insurance. This includes private hire and reward drivers who use their vehicle to make food deliveries. 

How do I get a food delivery insurance certificate?

Brokers will provide copy in the cloud and email a PDF copy as proof of food delivery insurance.

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