Does Admiral Provide Food Delivery Insurance?

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Last Updated July 2023 by Eamonn Turley

Admiral Now Offer Car and Van Hire and Reward Insurance

Breaking news, Admiral has succumbed to the demand for courier car insurance and now offer courier insurance which includes food delivery insurance as an option as we have details below.

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Admiral Expand Vehicle Insurance Categories to Include Carriage of Goods for Reward

  • Social and domestic pleasure
  • Commuting
  • Business
  • Carriage of goods for hire and reward

On the Admiral website they now show these 4 options with instructions :  If you use your car to make deliveries, select Carriage of goods for hire and reward as your class of use when getting a quote if you use your car or van for to make deliveries. 

Admiral Carriage of Goods Exclusions  

The cover provide by Admiral does not provide cover for any goods, food or merchandise that you are transporting, For that you will need to take out a separate goods in transport insurance policy. 

Does Admiral Provide Private Hire Insurance?

No Admiral does not provide private hire insurance, a type of insurance that covers you for the carriage of passengers for a reward. So unfortunately, at the moment the cover is for carriage of goods only and does not provide cover for the carriage of passengers for reward. The number of insurance companies that now offer hire and reward insurance is expanding.  If you have an existing policy with ADMIRAL and are considering a top-up insurance to cover proving a delivery service, first check with ADMIRAL on swapping to the new carriage of goods insurance category.    

Admiral is still the only one of the top UK insurance providers that offers hire and reward insurance in the UK. This means that if you are insured with the likes of LV or Aviva, you will not be legally cover to provide a H&R service. Doing so, would effectively invalidate your insurance, and you could well be viewed as driving without insurance. The only option is to find a top insurance 

This covers anyone using their car to deliver third party goods, making it ideal for couriers or delivery drivers. You’ll then need to decide what level of cover you want:

If you hold an SD&P car policy, you are not covered for delivery of goods for reward. You will need additional hire and reward insurance, which you can purchase as an addendum to your policy.  The provider of your car insurance must be notified of your intention, and they must give consent. Since lockdown, the  surge in demand for delivery drivers has continued, but you require extra insurance to provide this service. Providing a delivery service under a standard social, domestic & pleasure or business use policy will invalidate any cover that you have. 

The good news is that the top-up delivery insurance is available with a select few of the new breed of disruptive insurance brokers, Zego being the current leader in the marketplace. If your cover is not with Admiral, you will need to contact your policy provider and ask if taking out top delivery driver insurance will not invalidate your current cover. Many providers do not accept top up cover and as previously stated may well invalidate your existing cover.

Admiral Customers Can Now Take Out Top-Up Hire and Reward Insurance

Did you know? Admiral ... do allow our customers to use top-up PAYG hire & reward insurance policies alongside their main insurance, but you will need their consent in advance.

Who Provides Top Up Delivery Insurance? 

Top up insurance or pay as you go H&R cover is not yet a mainstream product. If you check out Reddit or other forums, ZEGO is the most talked about and seems to be the most popular option. For part-time delivery drivers that already have social or business car insurance, but also wish to work part-time delivery goods for reward, they can (if their current policyholder permits) buy Zego PAYG top-up H&R insurance. This will cover them when they are providing a delivery service, the original policy covering them for social and domestic and pleasure use SD&P. Aside from car and van courier insurance, ZERO also offer motorcycle courier insurance and cover scooters and mopeds used to provide a delivery service.

Always Get Permission From your Insurance Provider

The most important point to takeaway is that to make use of ZEGO or other providers of top up insurance, it is vital that you get permission from your current policyholder provider. Whilst Admiral insurance services may give you the green light today, that may change in the future. Play it safe and first contact your policyholder, explain your requirements and get written consent to proceed. This approach is more cost-effective than changing an existing policy to be full time hire and reward, but keep in mind if your business takes off, this would be the best long term solution.

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