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One of the fastest growing sectors of car courier insurance today is to help protect those who deliver food to their customers. What most new couriers of food do not know before taking up this profession is they will be required to have a specific type of motor insurance to be employed in this business sector. If you are self employed using your car to provide a delivery service we can help by providing you with comparative quotes for car courier insurance. 

car courier insurance

How much is car courier insurance UK?

The price of car courier insurance will depend on your risk profile. The risk is determined by a number of factors. Some that you have control over, for example, providing safe overnight parking increasing the excess amount. Your postcode will also help determine your final quote, but you do not have control over that. More obvious factors are the price of the vehicle, your personal driving history and age. All these and others will factor to your car courier premium insurance quote. Expect to pay more than standard car insurance as your risk is higher, if you are working part-time you could consider a pay as you use policy.

If I have business use do I still need car courier insurance?

Business car insurance does not cover you for providing a hire and reward service, such as food delivers or parcel delivery. The reason being that providing a delivery service will require you to deliver within time constraints, this alone will increase your risk to the insurer which “business use” does not provide. You may also be required to provide your service at nighttime and in dangerous driving conditions.

To the advantage of the part-time food delivery courier, this type of cover does not have to be full time and from some insurance firms just an add-on when the owner of the vehicle is making a delivery. With these firms that offer the add-on, a vehicle policy has to already be in place. The 3 options of motor vehicle insurance include Third Party, Third Party Fire and Theft and Comprehensive.

What is car courier insurance involving food delivery?

The legal term for car courier insurance is hire and reward cover. Which means that you get paid to transport an item or items of a third party’s property to one of their paying customers. This is not a simple personal motor vehicle insurance unless specific add-ons are added in, it can be commercial vehicle insurance.

Is car courier insurance the same as a rides hare inclusion in a motor vehicle policy?

No, car courier insurance is not the same as a ride-share add-on. This includes those drivers of Uber. Unfortunately for Uber drivers, when they venture into the Uber Eats sector their ride-share add-on does not cover the food deliveries. If a claim is attempted it will be rejected. If you are using your car as an Uber driver you will need insurance for Uber drivers.

What types of vehicles does courier insurance protect?

It is true any size vehicle can have courier insurance, for the food delivery business sector, the smaller economical vehicles are the ones widely used. The types of motorised vehicles include the following;

  • Cars
  • Small Vans
  • Motorbike
  • Push Bikes

What should be included in a car courier insurance policy for full protection?

For protection of the ‘just in case’ situation, there are a few provisions that should be listed in a car courier policy.

  • Breakdown cover to help the courier get their vehicle back on the road in the smallest allotment of time. If you have more than one vehicle multi car breakdown cover is available.
  • Goods in transit cover will provide financial protection if the food is lost or damaged during the delivery process.
  • Mobile phone cover so repairs or replacement of the cell phone can occur. This is important for all couriers who get their instructions from an app like Uber Eats.
  • Public liability cover is protection just in case a third party files a grievance, a complaint about you or claims you have damaged their property in some fashion.

Compare Car Courier Insurance

We can help you compare the options available for this type of insurance. MultiQuoteTime works in partnership with QuoteSearcher who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. This will enable you to receive quotes that are tailored to your individual requirements.

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