Does Business Use Car Insurance Cover me for Food Delivery?

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Business vehicle insurance does not cover you for food delivery. You’ll need fast food delivery insurance to offer a food delivery service in the UK.  Business car insurance in the UK is available at 3 levels, none of which will cover you for the delivery of items for reward.

Business-Use Car Insurance Coverage

Most motor users will only have social, domestic and pleasure use insured on their vehicle, as this will cover most people for all of their driving uses. Some drivers, however, will need to have business-use added to carry out some of their duties with work, as this is a different type of cover that may increase the cost of insurance because of the new hazards that are associated with driving for business-use, as well as increased mileage. 

This additional cover includes general business errands, attending business meetings, client visits, deliveries, and collections. Although jobs such as food delivery, passenger carrying, hauling, and other types of transportation for a fee are business and commercial activities, you’ll also need a specialist insurance policy to cover these jobs in addition to business-use insurance. 

How Do I Get Food Delivery Insurance?

To get food delivery insurance, start by asking your current broker can they provide addition top insurance for delivery of goods. Food delivery insurance is widely available, but it is sold mostly as a stand-alone policy. This means you need to take out a new policy to cover your vehicle for providing a delivery service, often call hire and reward insurance.  A few brokers will let you top up your existing insurance to include delivery insurance for an extra change.  More recently, some brokers are providing food delivery insurance on a pay per use basis, which is perfect for those that provide the service to supplement their main income or for students.

The food delivery industry is growing massively in recent years due to apps like UberEats and Deliveroo, and the insurance for these drivers is more important than ever. With the pace and frenetic rush of the job, as well as tight built up routes, the chance of accidents is high. Some providers of online food delivery apps will also provide insurance, but always check with your broker that your original insurance is not invalidated.

To be covered on the road, specialist insurance is needed, called ‘Hire and Reward’. This is different to general business-use. Some insurers will be able to add it on to your motor insurance, while other insurance providers will not offer this type of cover. In this case, you’ll need to take out a new Hire and Reward policy. This policy does not work as business-use motor insurance, and you will need both to work in food delivery. Recently, some insurance providers are offering pay as you go food delivery insurance, which is aimed at those that work part-time or seasonal. 


Providing a delivery service without the correct insurance is the same as driving without any insurance, and is illegal. To get food delivery insurance, you have 3 options, as listed below.

  • 1. Stand-alone policy : Take out a separate new policy that offer insurance for the delivery insurance that you provide. The cost will vary and depend on the type of product that you intend to deliver, the vehicle details and your individual driving history.
  • 2. Top Up Insurance : Some broker will let include delivery insurance on top of your standard insurance. Currently, only a few brokers currently offer this option, so please first check if this is possible;l with your existing broker.
  • 3. Pay as you go : This model is becoming available and is proving very popular. As the name suggests, the insurance only kicks in when you are using your vehicle to provide the delivery service. This works out to the advantage of those that work part time or when they need an extra stream of income.
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