Driving without delivery insurance

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In UK road safety and highway laws, it’s illegal to drive without insurance or with the incorrect insurance: which gives a fixed fine of £300 to offenders. You may also receive 6 penalties to your vehicle, and for repeated offenders, your case may even go to court. The police have the power to seize your vehicle and disqualify you from driving, therefore it’s within your best interest to make sure your vehicle is insured— at least with a third party insurance. 

Many British people drive unaware that their insurance is invalid. For some, their insurance expired without their notice. It’s common for your insurance package to not renew automatically, so make sure to contact your providers about expiration dates and renewal options. If you have a pay monthly car insurance policy, and you miss one payment, the insurance company may cancel your insurance without you even becoming aware until it is too late. Another factor to consider is your insurance cover. If your car itself is insured for businesses, this insurance plan may not be covered for driving for other purposes, in particular if you are using your vehicle to provide a delivery service. 

Providing a delivery service without the correct insurance 

If you are using your car or van to provide a food delivery service, but you do not have fast food delivery insurance, you are effectively driving without insurance. Driving with the wrong insurance will be treated the same as driving without insurance, and you will likely be fined and awarded 6 penalty points and the vehicle could be impounded. Typical business insurance does not provide cover for delivering food and if caught you will be fined and given penalty points and possible have your vehicle impounded. 

For those that only work part-time, you should consider a policy based on pay as you go or pay as use, check with your insurance provider if this can be added as an extra to your base package. If not, you may be able to purchase it separately from another provider, but your insurance company will need to approve this. 

Key Takeaway ?  Driving with the incorrect insurance is a serious offence that will result in fines and penalty points and your vehicle could be impounded, adding additional costs and a major headache to get released. Take note, under the 165 Road Traffic Act, police have the power to impound uninsured vehicles.

How to check if your car is insured

There are government websites and apps that not only inform your car’s insurance status, but also set reminders for insurance payments. To check your vehicle’s insurance status, you can enter your information in the Motor Insurance Database’s website. This government website is only available to cars inside the UK and is the only (reliable) site for checking your car’s status. 

What precautions you decide to take is entirely up to you, but please be aware of the consequences that follow with an uninsured vehicle. What you may be legally subjected to, with an uninsured car, are as follows:

Unlimited Fines  

On top of a £300 fine and 6 penalties, you may be subjected to more fines totalling up to £1000. Even if you’re not actively driving, parking your uninsured vehicle in public is a violation. If your case goes to court, your fine may rise even higher. Remember: simply forgetting to pay insurance is not a valid excuse. 

Driving disqualification

If your case goes to court, you risk being disqualified from driving. In most cases, a driving ban would be temporary. The length of your ban would depend on the court’s decision, but repeat offenders may see up to a 56-day ban. It’s important to note that your driver’s licence would be revoked with your disqualification. To drive again, you must retake your driving test. 

Car seizure

You may receive a notice letter from the police that they will be seizing your car. Your car may even be destroyed if you don’t provide proof or receipts of an insurance within 7 business days of receiving the notice letter. If your car or van has been seized and impounded, you may need specialist impounded car insurance to release your vehicle from the pound, along with proofs of ownership, proof of address and pay any outstanding fines.   

Added points to your licence

The six penalty points you receive for having an uninsured car stay on your driving record for up to 4 years. Points added to your driving record may create burdens such as higher insurance rates and a higher chance that your driving licence gets revoked. 

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