Restaurant Food Delivery Insurance: A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs

For a restaurateur, having full professional restaurant insurance is essential. What guarantees should you take out for restaurant insurance? How to best protect your premises, property, and activity against risks? We advise you. It is important to note that if you also provide a hot food delivery service that you outsource to delivery drivers. The delivery drivers must have hot fast food delivery insurance if they are not your employees it is their responsibbility. 

Professional insurance in catering: protect your business


As a catering professional, your insurance must necessarily cover any damage that you or your employees could cause to a third party. Professional liability insurance covers you when you are responsible for damage caused by:

  • your employees (work-related accidents);
  • your equipment (an accident with the delivery van);
  • your premises (wet floor causing a customer to fall),
  • your products (food poisoning).

For complete coverage of your business, it is also essential to insure your business against operating losses. Concretely, in the event of a claim causing the temporary closure of your fixed or mobile restaurant (water damage, fire, etc.) your insurance compensates for the loss of turnover suffered. Such insurance that allows professionals to maintain the financial situation that was theirs before the disaster, and to resume their activity as soon as possible.

Another useful guarantee to secure your activity: professional legal protection. It allows you to benefit from legal information from legal professionals and to be accompanied, amicably, and in court, in the event of a dispute with a supplier, a client, an employee… in the context of your restaurant business.

Restaurant insurance: guarantees to protect your premises

1. Kitchen, cooking, and refrigeration equipment 

The restaurant business requires equipment that is both important and expensive. Your restaurant insurance must therefore protect your equipment and your movable property. Your premises must also be covered, whether it is the room that welcomes customers, your kitchens and your storage spaces.

Before subscribing, check that your insurance covers the main claims. If the risk of fire is the most frequent in catering, you must also be protected against the risk of water damage, accident to electrical devices and natural risks (storm, hail, snow). Protection against vandalism and theft is also strongly recommended.

Depending on your needs, it is possible to take out insurance covering the loss of foodstuffs in the event of a refrigeration appliance failure.

1. Kitchen, cooking, and refrigeration equipment 

If you have delivery vehicles or a van that supplies food for you, it is essential to take out hire and reward van insurance.

As with the insurance of your activity, auto insurance must cover at least the damage that you can cause to a third party.

Even if insurance against material damage and bodily injury that you (or your staff) may suffer is optional, it is strongly recommended. Depending on your needs, it's up to you to determine your level of coverage, third-party, or all risks. While the third-party formula includes essential guarantees, the all-risk formula includes more comprehensive guarantees such as 0 km assistance, the loan of a vehicle in the event of an accident, breakdown, theft, or even the protection of goods and instruments carried.

Pay-as-you-go food delivery insurance

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