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Motorbike Courier Insurance

With motorcycle courier insurance, a person can combine one of the most fuel efficient types of vehicles with one of the fastest growing sectors of the new gig economy. This pairing makes it possible to maximize profits with the least amount of investment and expenses.

What is motorcycle courier insurance?

motorcycle courier insurance

Motorcycle courier insurance is a special classification of motor vehicle cover that is required for those operating a motorcycle and delivering a package for hire or reward of a third party, which is required by UK law. What it does have in common with non-courier vehicle cover is how the driver of the motorcycle and their motorcycle is covered.

The different levels of cover include;

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

In addition to the above, the driver should also consider Carriage of Goods to cover the packages being transported. 

Who needs motorcycle courier insurance?

This type of cover is required for anyone making deliveries or items that are not their own and for a profit. Because this type of service has added risk in comparison to basic business vehicle insurance, courier insurance is required.   These are special policies and rates for couriers who only deliver food items like fast food restaurant couriers, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Deliveroo. These are generally part-time delivery people who only need fast food delivery insurance.

The other type of policy is for full time food delivery insurance where parcels are delivered and picked-up.

When asking for a quote, make sure you specify what you will be delivering and if you will be full time or part-time.

Are there any add-ons to the basic motorcycle courier insurance that should be considered?

The businesses that employees the drivers have to have Employer's Liability cover. This is protection just in case the drivers are injured or become sick while on the job. 

Many part-time delivery couriers are contract workers and are not covered by an Employer's Liability add-on. Because of that, a contract delivery driver should consider taking out a public liability cover. This will protect them financially if a third party makes a claim against them. This type of cover pays the legal fees and settlements if one is imposed on the delivery driver by the courts.

Motorbike Breakdown cover insurance is another recommended cover. This type of cover has multiple levels of protection.

  • Standard breakdown cover includes roadside assistance. If repairs can’t be made in an hour, the motorcycle will be towed to a garage within 10 miles of the breakdown site.
  • Nationwide includes the standard cover along with the ability to have the vehicle towed to any destination in the UK as chosen by the driver of the broken down vehicle.

How can I save money on the premium for motorcycle courier insurance?

Reducing risk is the key to saving money on most insurance premiums. With courier motorcycle insurance, this also applies. With this in mind, look to add extra security that is insurance industry approved and if possible provide safe off road parking when not in use. This can be a garage, out door shed or even the living room of the owner. For added security, a theft deterrent device should be installed, like an alarm or immobilizer.

An effective way of keeping the premium as low as possible is to pay the amount due on an annual basis. You will not get a discount for this, but interest on the unpaid balance will not have to be paid. Those that pay monthly instalments on their premium will normally have to pay interest.

If you operate more than one courier vehicle, you may find that courier fleet insurance can provide saving over individual polices for each vehicle type. 

To help get the motorcycle courier insurance you need at the lowest cost, one should enlist the help of an insurance broker. By letting them know the specifics of your business as in full or part-time, food delivery or parcel, the broker will be able to get you multiple quotes for comparison.

Pay-as-you-go food delivery insurance is a popular choice for the gig economy that provides a part time service. This type of insurance was pioneered by ZEGO and Deliveroo. Two models currently exist: pay-per-mile and pay- per-hour. Both use a tracking device or smartphone to send and record data on your movements

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