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Uber Eats Approved Insurance

Uber Eats insurance is not a typical car insurance policy, but a policy that covers you for providing a courier service, in this case food delivery. It is important to have the correct insurance that covers your activities whether working for Deliveroo, Uber Eats or other food delivery service. Without the correct type of cover, you risk being held responsible for any costs if involved in an accident and your existing insurance provider may terminate an existing policy.  Without this rider or type of policy, no claims will be honoured if the vehicle is involved in any type of accident that occurs during the delivery process.

With today’s on-demand lifestyle in full swing, fast food delivery driver policies are the most popular and numerous. This allows for college students to deliver food in their spare time as a part-time driver, along with full time drivers who make a living at it.

Uber Approved List of Insurers

Uber have issued a list of approved insurance providers that provide instant documentation, also  referred to as the Uber instadoc approved insurance providers. Uber state that you are free to choose your insurance provider, but highlight the approved list for providing flexibility in providing, hourly, weekly, monthly and annual policies. The approved list currently include:

The instadoc process enables Uber to collect insurance information direct from the above list of Uber approved insurance providers. This saves paperwork on both sides, no more manual downloading and uploading to the Uber App. The instadoc has built in verification, removing the need for manual verification. The system makes everything automatic, making the above list of insurance providers "approved by Uber".

What are Uber eats insurance requirements?

To work as an Uber taxi or an Uber East delivery driver, you will legally need a type of insurance that is referred to as hire and reward insurance.  Hire and reward insurance is an addition level of insurance that is NOT included in standard car insurance. As you are using your vehicle to provide a delivery service, you are seen as higher risk than if you only use your vehicle for social and domestic use and occasional business use

Whilst not a legal requirement, public liability insurance will provide with protection against claims from third parties. These are claims against you or your business for personal injury or property damage and theft. Claims awarded for personal injury can be huge, so having a good level of PL insurance will safeguard you financially.

What type of insurance is best for a person doing this part time?

For those that plan on delivery food for 20 hours a week or less, an affordable way to do it is with pay as you go policy.  This is also a good way to keep the premiums down since it is not always active.

Pay as you go requires the driver to already have vehicle insurance. This can be third party, third party fire and theft or comprehensive. 

This type of policy is only activated when the vehicle is being used to deliver food. To keep accurate records of when the courier insurance is active, a telemetric device is installed in the vehicle. This tracks the following info when the app from the insurance company is activated by the driver.

Delivery driver insurance
  • Location of the vehicle.
  • The time the delivery begins and ends.
  • The location the delivery will be made.
  • The speed the vehicle travels in making the delivery.
  • How the driver operates the vehicle like accelerating and braking.

Normally for this type of rider on a policy a deposit must be made along with a direct deposit link to the insurance company so when the balance drops below a predetermined limit, more is automatically withdrawn. The rate of insurance will be calculated either by the mile or per hour. This type of policy has also become known as Uber Eats Insurance.

What insurance do delivery drivers need

Delivery drivers need an insurance policy that is referred to as hire and reward insurance. If you work for Uber Eats, then you require Uber Eats insurance. This type of policy can have a set premium amount paid monthly, quarterly or annually. It will also include the rider for food courier hire for reward cover.

What is so important about the hire for reward add-on?

For both the part-time and full time delivery driver, the Hire For Reward section is where the public liability cover is present. This is financial protection if a third party claims you caused them harm or damage to their property. It also covers the food being delivered if it is damaged in the delivery process due to a vehicle accident or other problem the courier might have during the delivery process.

What will happen if I do not take out the hire for reward rider or add-on to my vehicle policy?

If a delivery driver does not have the hire for reward rider or add-on to their vehicle policy and is involved in an accident or incident while making a food delivery, it is like having no insurance at all. No claim will be accepted by the insurance company who holds the vehicle insurance policy.

The reason for this is, delivering food is considered a higher risk that just covering a standard vehicle on the road. If a delivery person is caught without the proper insurance, they could lose their driving licence and be held accountable financially for all the damage that has occurred.

Most food service delivery companies and those restaurants that hire contract delivery drivers require the driver to have the correct insurance cover. By having the Uber Eats insurance, you will have the correct cover for food delivery in the UK.

Compare Uber Eats Insurance

If you work full or part-time as an Uber Eats food courier, you need food delivery insurance. This type of delivery service is in high demand. Apps like Uber are leading the way in the delivery of hot, delicious meals from local ad top restaurants. If you are considering of increasing your income by becoming an Uber eats courier, you’ll need special insurance whilst at work. The panel can help you by providing a range of quotes. These quotes are tailor to your exact requirements.

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