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A Guide to Removals Fleet Insurance

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Fleet insurance, also referred to as blanket insurance,  is a product that provides cover for 2 or more vehicles under one policy. Some insurance fleet providers may only offer this type of cover for fleets that have 4 or more vehicles, others will accept 3 and for some 2 vehicles will be accepted. This type of cover is aimed at making administration easier and should also result in savings. Another feature is that most providers will offer discounts as you add or grow your vehicle fleet. With that said, you should always compare fleet insurance against insuring your fleet under separate polices. 

This type of insurance can be tailored to the unique needs of your business activity and often provides cost savings compared to insuring each vehicle individually.

In order to get the best deal on large or mini fleet insurance, it’s vital that you compare quotes from a wide range of providers

We can provide you with access to a range of quotes from a panel of fleet insurance brokers that are able to tailor polices to you or your business's individual requirements.

  • Cover available for all types of vehicles (company cars, vans and lorries )
  • Polices can be tailored to your unique business requirements
  • Flexible payment options
  • One short form – save time & money
  • All Fleet sizes from 2 vehicles upwards.
  • Specialist any driver fleet insurance available with constraints to lower costs

What are the the benedits of fleet insurance?

The benefits of fleet insurance are many, for example, you pay one annual premium to get all your vehicle fleet and drivers covered. In return, your company will be responsible to ensure that all drivers fit the criteria of the policy (e.g., it could state that all drivers must be over 25 to have a licence free of convictions or below a set number of points in a fixed time period , etc).

What are the the levels of cover available?

There are three major levels of cover for farm fleets, which includes:

  • Third Party Only : This is the minimum level of cover required by the law. Third-party-only insurance will offer protection for damages you causes to the third party vehicle or property 
  • Third Party Fire and Theft : This level of cover offers all protections in the third party only, plus additional coverage for any damage to your fleet of bikes caused by fire or theft.
  • Full Comprehensive : Consider this the highest level of coverage, which includes everything in the previous cover levels plus protection for damages to your own fleet, even if you or one of your drivers are responsible.

key features of  fleet insurance in Northern Ireland:

Below are just are some key elements that can be included in a removals fleet insurance policy in the North of Ireland:

  • Fleet Vehicle Coverage: This covers damage to the insured vehicles resulting from accidents, collisions, theft, vandalism, fire, or other covered perils. Coverage may vary depending on the type of policy (comprehensive, third-party, or third-party, fire, and theft).
  • Liability Coverage Third-Party Liability: Covers bodily injury or property damage to third parties caused by the insured vehicles.
  • Goods in Transit Coverage: GIT Protects the goods or cargo being transported by the fleet vehicles against damage, loss, or theft.
  • Fleet Management Tools: Some insurance companies may offer additional services or tools to help manage the fleet more efficiently, such as telematics systems for vehicle tracking, risk management advice, or driver training programs.
  • Legal Expenses Coverage: Helps cover the costs associated with legal disputes, including legal representation, court fees, and other legal expenses.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: : Protects the insured vehicles and occupants against damages caused by uninsured or underinsured drivers.
  • Employer's Liability: Covers bodily injury to employees arising out of the course of employment, where applicable.

It's important to carefully review your fleet policy schedule and ensure that it adequately covers your vehicles, operations, and potential liabilities. Any limits, constraints, deductibles, and exclusions should be clearly understood to avoid any surprises in the event of a claim.

What types of vehicles can I insure under a fleet policy?

Providers of fleet cover are flexible when it comes to vehicle types that can be covered under a blanket policy. So if your commercial fleet includes a combination of cars, vans and minibuses, for instance, you should be able to put them all on a single policy.

If you just operate with one vehicle types, then you can buy specific policies such as van fleet or motorcycle fleet cover.

I have started a new car hire business, what fleet insurance do I need?

The self drive hire business is growing in popularity, once the reserve of the big brands in car rental it is now possible to offer this service with 2 or more vehicles, it can be campervans, cars or even scooters.  If you’ve got a fleet of hire cars, vans or campervans and rent them out to the public, you’ll need a specialist type of fleet insurance known as ‘self-drive hire insurance’ or car rental business insurance.

Factors that Impact the costs of Multi Vehicle Insurance

Lowering the cost of farm fleet insurance quotes entails taking steps to lower your risk of insurance claims. As potential payouts can be very significant, it is important and in some cased the insurance company will mandate that you follow strict guidelines in lowering the risk of accidents. Some of these areas include

  • Security: It is important that these vehicles are always kept secure, follow guidance from your insurance company. 
  • Drivers: You may find that any perspective insurance company will insist on experienced drivers that have a verified history of safe driving,. 
  • Implement Driver Training : Accidents happen, if you notice a trend consider the cause and implement training or take action to promote a higher degree of driver responsibility. Example, award drivers that do not make claims. 
  • Voluntary Excess amount : the amount you or the business will take responsibility for in any claim. Increasing this will normally reduce your annual policy. Speak with your broker on this option.
  • Over 25 : Policies that are strictly over 25 will be cheaper than an over 21 policy. Remember, you may be able to separate out the higher risk drivers as named only drivers. So you may opt for any fleet van insurance any driver policy that stipulates that all drivers must be over 25 and under 75. Drivers that do not qualify or meet these conditions could be added as named drivers.
  • Named Only: Type of policy, named, or any driver and driver restriction imposed in the policy.
  • Multiple Quotes : Like any purchase, you will need to do some upfront research to help find the best quote that meets your requirements and is also affordable. 

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