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One advantage of having Motor Fleet insurance for a business owner is the discounted rates they will receive on the cost of insurance by having all of their vehicles under one umbrella policy. It is the same as a bulk rate from the grocery store when purchasing large amounts of one item.

Who can take advantage of motor fleet insurance?

This type of road risk cover is made for any business owner or corporation that owns a large number of vehicles. The stipulation for this type of cover is that all of the vehicles are registered in the name of the business or corporation at the same address. For many businesses, they use the headquarters of their organization as the main address. These vehicles can be owned by the business or leased.

Who many vehicles can be listed under a motor fleet insurance policy?

For most insurance firms the minimal number of vehicles that need to be included in this type of policy is five. Due to the different natures of businesses, there is no maximum number of vehicles that can be listed together.

Do all of the vehicles have to be of the same type?

Under a motor fleet insurance policy they can be of all the same type of vehicle, but it is not a requirement. This makes it possible for a fleet with taxi insurance to be made up of several different types and makes of vehicles and still be included in the overall fleet policy.

Construction firms can also benefit from a motor fleet policy. They can place all of the different types of earthmovers, transporting vehicles and large truck under the same policy.

Do all of the policies have to be the same?

With a motor fleet policy, all of the vehicles under it have their own individual policy and level of protection. While they all can be at the same level of protection, it is not a requirement.

For a taxi fleet owner, this makes it possible for the better drivers in your fleet to have a lower rate when each policy has a named driver. It also helps to identify the bad drivers so their salaries can be reduced to cover the increased rate of cover or mark them for termination. The alternative is to have fleet insurance any driver where drivers are not assigned a specific vehicle.

For construction firms, all of their vehicles will not be operating on the road. Because of this many of them like bulldozers will have only fire and theft protection while the vans and small trucks will have road risk insurance. There is also HGV insurance for the larger trucks in your fleet that will operate on the road.

Each vehicle can have a tailored made policy to fit the protection it needs to match the job it completes for the firm.

What are the advantages of having a motor fleet insurance policy?

In addition to lowering the cost of protecting your fleet of vehicles, there are several other advantages. This includes the renewal dates of all of the policies can be on the same date. This is not a requirement, but optional that will reduce the amount of paperwork involved in keeping the fleet protected. Due to the number of vehicles involved, most businesses will also only have to deal with one insurance agent. This will make the processes of renewal and filing a claim faster.

By having a motor fleet insurance policy for you business, you will reduce this fixed cost which will help to increase profits of your organisation. This process of saving money all begins when you request quotes from multiple insurance brokers. What is needed is the type of business you own, the number and types of vehicles needing cover and your postal code. Several quotes will be sent to you for you to evaluate at your leisure.