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Jan 2024

The stress of managing your fleet insurance policy can be reduced with an any driver fleet policy that will save time and effort. Managing a fleet of vehicles comes with many day to day challenges. Having to constantly call up your insurer to change your drivers as your staff changes can be avoided with any driver fleet policy. This type of policy covers all drivers over a specified age, whether it be 21, 25 or 30. Having a policy like this means you don’t need to continuously call your insurer to change your drivers, if you have a new driver who fits the criteria, they are already covered to drive.

Like standard car insurance, you can opt for any driver fleet insurance. Any driver gives flexibility and is suited to a business that will benefit from being able to quickly allocate different vehicles to different drivers as part of their business model. Delivery firms normally fall into this category.  To reduce costs, you can opt for policy restrictions, for example any driver over 25. This type of restriction on age will help reduce your risk and should be reflected in a cheaper policy premium. Policies are also available  for any driver over 21, but as risk is increased, you should expect to pay a higher fleet insurance premium than if it were over 25.

We work in partnership with Quote Zone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. To get multiple quotes, select GET A QUOTE button above and provide basic information to a panel of UK brokers.  The panel of UK brokers also offer comparative quotes for multi van insurance, a  product that is geared towards a business that relies on vans in their day-to-day business.

What Is Any Driver Fleet Insurance?

This cover is suitable for a business that need flexibility to schedule their deliveries or deploy their fleet of vehicles and drivers in an optimal way for maximum efficiency. By untying specific drivers to specific vehicles, it is easier to match up available drivers with vehicles that are ready for departure.

This type of cover is popular with large contractors, for example courier fleet operators, and lets you allocate drivers to vehicles without having first request permission from your broker.

Fleet insurance can also be used to cover multiple cars that are registered at one address. This is referred to as family fleet insurance and can, but does not always work out, cheaper than taking out individual policies. This is a popular product with families that have multiple cars registered to one residence. 

Save Time, Money, and Reduce Admin Tasks

Similar to van insurance for any driver, the business does not need to take out a unique road insurance policy for each van and van driver in the fleet. Just one policy is enough to secure insurance for everyone on your payroll and all of your vehicles. The reduced hassle will save you time and money and provide flexibility in driving decisions. 

It is the business that is required to make sure all drivers are qualified with the proper credentials to drive the company vehicles. The fleet owner only needs to inform the insurance firm if there is a change to the classification of the drivers being hired. Most business owners have a qualification for their drivers to be over the age of 25 and with a clean driving and criminal record. This makes it possible for the insurance premium to be set. A business can set the age requirement at 21, but the premium will be higher than one set at 25.

Any Driver Fleet Insurance Vs Named Driver Policy

A named driver policy should work out cheaper than an any driver policy, but it does have advantages. The key advantage is that it can help maximise business and vehicle efficiency.  Any driver policies can be further broken down on driver age.  For example a policy that stipulates all drivers must be over 25. Other popular options include any driver over 21 and any driver over 30. If a scenario arises that all drivers are over 25 except for one driver, that one driver could be added as a named driver. So whilst this option will normally be more expensive the premium can be lowered by extra driver related stipulations. 

A Policy Designed For Flexible Driver Rotation

The fleet insurance any driver policy is designed for the business that has a regular turnover of drivers. The larger the fleet, the higher the rate of driver turnover to be expected. With this type of policy, the changing of a driver costs the business nothing in terms of insurance coverage. It also makes it possible for new drivers to begin work immediately, since the insurance company does not need to give prior approval.

This type of policy also has advantages for a busy operation who hire temporary drivers to meet surges in demand for their operations. These temporary drivers can start work immediately because the insurance company does not need to be notified with each driver change.

Is Any Driver Fleet Insurance Right For Your Business?

An any driver fleet policy whilst more expensive than named driver cover is still enjoyed across a wide spectrum of businesses in the UK including:

Any Driver Fleet Insurance Categories 

The term any driver can be qualified to make this type of cover more affordable. Most insurance brokers will provide the cover, but offer different options based on age. See typical list below, with over 25 fleet insurance working out cheaper, as choosing this policy type would exclude younger driver that pose additional risks to the insurance company.  

  • Any driver over 21
  • Any driver over 25
  • Any driver over 30
  • Any driver over 30 Under 70

Start Comparing Any Driver Motor Fleet Insurance Cost

If you need a flexible fleet insurance policy that lets you any add multiple drivers within the terms of the agreed policy, consider an any driver fleet insurance policy. In order to find a good deal, it is best to start comparing the available options, the panel is able to provide you with multiple quotes for mini fleet insurance. All you need to do is complete one easy online form. To get a tailored quote from a panel of expert providers, simply click the button below.

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How many vehicles can be listed under an any Driver fleet insurance policy?

For most insurance firms, the minimum number of vehicles that need to be included in this type of policy is five, but the panel can provide fleet insurance for 2 or more vehicles.

Can anyone drive on an Any Driver fleet insurance policy?

The term any driver can be misleading, it effectively means any drivers that meet the insurer provider's qualifying criteria. These can be agreed with the insurance company, typical criteria are drivers above an agree age, drivers that at least 1 year driving experience, drivers with convictions may well be excluded to reduce overall costs.

Is a policy based on fleet usage possible?

A new model of pricing fleet insurance is based in usage.  UBI ( Usage-based-insurance) is based on the miles covered and the driving habits of the drivers. Insure tech companies are disrupting the tradition one price fits all model and usage based fleet insurance is set to grow as fleet managers realise that the flexibility it offers can save them money. The model is becoming the preferred solution for self hire drive fleet managers, meaning that they only pay insurance when vehicles are hired out.

What levels of business fleet cover are available?

  • TPO : Third party only cover is the legal minimum required by law. The cover extends only to the third party, providing cover for damage or injury to the third party only.
  • TPFT : Third party with fire and theft provides third party cover plus additional cover if a fleet vehicle is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive : Provides TPFT and cover for your fleet vehicles if involved in a road accident or another insured events. 

Is it cheaper to get fleet insurance?

Fleet cover is designed to work out cheaper than insuring your vehicles under separate polices, and you will have the added benefit of less administration. Alway compare both options before making your final choice, as sometimes the traditional route can turn out to be the cheapest option.

Named vs Any Driver Fleet Insurance, which is best?

Any driver will give greater flexibility in ensuring all your vehicles are used optimally. Any driver fleet insurance will be higher than named driver only, but the fleet manger should decide which is the most cost-effective overall. The good news is that fleet brokers can provide mixed policies. So if you do have high risk drivers (young or with a history of claim) they can be excluded from the "any driver policy" and insured under a separate named driver only policy.

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