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Fleet Insurance any driver

With fleet insurance any driver option is available to an owner of a business who uses many vehicles as part of their operation they have the means to mix and match their drivers with what vehicles are prepared to depart when the drivers are ready to go. No longer will a driver be tied to one vehicle so maintenance can be carried out without any interruption to normal daily services of the organisation. We also offer comparative quotes a multi van insurance product, which is geared towards a family with a mix of vehicle types.

What is fleet insurance any driver?

Fleet insurance any driver is one of the many options available for a business so they can schedule their deliveries or deploy their fleet of vehicles in an optimal way for maximum efficiency. By untying specific drivers to specific vehicles, it is easier and with fewer hassles to match up available drivers with vehicles that are prepared for departure.

A business can add drivers when they need to do so. They can also remove a driver from operating the company vehicles at any time. Both of those situations are handled at the company level and the insurance firm does not need to be informed.

Fleet insurance can also be used to cover multiple cars that are registered at one address. This is referred to as multi car insurance and can, but not always work out cheaper than taking out individual policies. This is a popular product with families that have multiple cars. 

any driver fleet insurance

What is the responsibility of the business in hiring drivers?

With the policy fleet insurance any driver, the business with the fleet of vehicles is the only one that has to deal with individual drivers or even know who they are. The insurance firm does have the list of vehicles to be covered and the qualifications a driver must have for the business to hire them.

It is the business that is required to make sure all drivers are qualified with the proper credentials to operate the company vehicles. The fleet owner only needs to inform the insurance firm if there is a change to the classification of the drivers being hired. Most business owners have a qualification for their drivers to be over the age of 25 and with a clean driving and criminal record. This makes it possible for the insurance premium to be set. A business can set the age requirement at 21, but the premium will be higher than one set at 25.

How does fleet insurance any driver save a business money?

Since the fleet owner does not have to inform the insurance firm every time a new driver is hired or one is released, there is no administration fee charged by the insurance firm since they are not involved in that transaction.

When a fleet owner has a named driver insurance policy, with each driver change, the insurance firm must be notified. Each time they are contacted, there is an administration fee by the insurance firm which has to be paid by the fleet owner.

Who should have fleet insurance any driver policy?

The fleet insurance any driver policy is designed for the business that has a regular turnover of drivers. The larger the fleet, the higher the rate of driver turnover will be present. With this type of policy, the changing of a driver costs the business nothing in terms of insurance coverage. It also makes it possible for new drivers to begin work immediately since the insurance company does not need to give approval of them.

The use of fleet insurance any driver is advantageous to have for a busy operation who hires temporary drivers to meet surges in demand for their operations. These temporary drivers can start work immediately because the insurance company does not need to be notified with each driver lineup change.

Compare fleet insurance any driver

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Any Driver Fleet Insurance