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Mini fleet insurance is the ideal policy for a large family or a small business. The number of vehicles this specific type of coverage can protect is as few as 2 and as many as 5. Grouping cars under one insurance policy should save you money. However, this is not always the case, so it is always recommended comparing the traditional single policy route with the small fleet insurance option. 

Mini fleet insurance is a form of fleet insurance, but aimed at smaller fleets that comprise 2, 3 or more cars, but normally under 5 vehicles. Above that number, then you could start to consider any driver fleet insurance.

What types of vehicles can be included with mini fleet cover?

Since by law, all motor vehicles on the roads in the UK are required to have road risk insurance, all motorised vehicles can be included in the mini fleet policy. This includes cars, motorbikes, minibuses, vans, trucks, motorhomes, horseboxes, HGVs and skip transporters.

What classifications of policies are issued to fleets?

The exact type of vehicle insurance issued is dependent on the needs of the vehicle owner, their preferences and how they will use their vehicles. Vehicles that will be used as part of a business need to have a commercial vehicle licence. Vehicles to be used for personal use have to be covered by a social, domestic and pleasure policy.

  • Commercial insurance is used for taxis, courier vehicles, trucks and vans used as part of a business.
  • Social, domestic and pleasure cover is issued for use as commuters and personal use vehicles which are generally motorbikes, cars, motorhomes and small trucks.

What are the levels of cover that can be issued to a fleet?

The levels of cover are the same for both commercial and social, domestic and pleasure cover and include the following;

  • Third Party only which is the minimum level required by UK law.
  • Third Party Fire and Theft.
  • Full Comprehensive cover.

Many insurance companies include legal insurance when issuing a fleet policy. This is the cover that handles the legal bills, compensation and settlement costs when a claim is made against the fleet.

For those using their fleet vehicles as part of a business, other areas of cover should be considered and one which is required by law.

Employee liability insurance is required by law for all business that has employees that work for them that are not family members. This protection is if the employee is injured while performing their duties for the business.

Public liability cover is recommended to help protect the business when a third party makes a claim of being damaged or hurt on the business property of by an employee.

Goods in transit is cover that is protection for the items being transported in a business vehicle that are damaged, lost or stolen.

Do all of the policies have to be the same?

A policy is issued for each vehicle. The type of policy and what it will be used for along with the level of cover is determined by the vehicle owner. Once all the vehicles have been issued a policy, all of those policies are then lumped together as a mini fleet insurance policy. This makes it possible for each vehicle to have the cover it needs. There can be both commercial polices and pleasure policies in the fleet policy.

The policies can also be made to protect the vehicle or the driver. By naming the drivers, they can operate any of the vehicles and be covered. By naming the vehicles, anyone named in the policy can operate the vehicle and be covered. Naming the vehicles is recommended when there is a mix of pleasure and commercial vehicles in the fleet.

What is the requirement for a vehicle to be listed in the fleet policy?

The only requirement to include a vehicle into a mini fleet policy is that the vehicle must be registered at the same residence or business location.

Mini Fleet insurance any driver

If you own or operate a small fleet of cars or a mix of cars, vans and motorbikes, a mini fleet insurance policy may be the best way to go. To find the best deal you will need to compare all the options currently available in the UK marketplace. Some time can be sued by using comparative sites, but remember not all brokers offer their best rates to comparison sites.

Multi Quote Time working in partnership with QuoteSearcher can get you started with multiple quotes from a panel of select UK insurance brokers for mini fleet insurance. Your insurance requirements will be shared with  a panel of specialist brokers. These brokers will be in contact via the telephone to provide you with quotes on your mini fleet cover. 

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