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A Guide to Business Multi Van Insurance

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July 2023

Unlike regular car insurance, minibus fleet insurance is designed to cover multiple vehicles under one policy. It works similar to a stand-alone policy to cover risks. Cover can include accidents to theft and third-party liabilities that come with managing a fleet of minibuses. If you are dealing in public transportation, education, or tourism, insuring your Minibus under one policy is a go-to solution. One policy to cover all – efficient, cost-effective, and tailored just for you!

multi van fleet insurance uk

A business multi van insurance policy is an umbrella type of policy in which several other policies are held under it to represent the individual vehicles being protected. Multi Quote Time works in partnership with Quote Zone who provide a simple form which once completed is submitted to a specialist panel of brokers. To get multiple quotes, select GET A QUOTE button above and provide basic information to a panel of UK brokers. 

Benefits of Minibus Fleet Insurance

  • Cost Savings: Minibus fleet insurance policies offers savings by consolidating coverage for multiple vehicles under a single minibus insurance policy. This often results in lower premiums than insuring each minibus individually.
  • Customisable Policies: Fleet insurance flexibility enables you to adjust your coverage based on factors such as the number of minibuses, usage patterns, and the level of protection you need. You are not stuck in a one-size-fits-all situation.
  • Legal Compliance: Minibus fleet insurance ensures compliance with legal requirements for a business operating a fleet of vehicles. Meeting mandatory insurance standards is crucial, and fleet policies help businesses avoid legal expenses by providing the necessary coverage for each vehicle in their business fleet.

What Vehicle types can be covered ny minibus fleet insurance?

The insurance company will allow a mixed transport or coach fleet, which can include a mix of the following:

  • Minibuses
  • Coach and Buses
  • Touring and Sports Club buses
  • Charity and Care Home buses
  • A mixed fleet of passenger carrying vehicle types  

Am I eligible for minibus fleet insurance?

You are eligible for minibus fleet liability insurance only when you fulfil these three criteria:

  • Minimum Number of Minibuses: A prerequisite for qualifying is a minimum of three minibuses. Insurance providers often require fleet size to offer comprehensive coverage tailored to the needs of businesses operating multiple vehicles.
  • Passenger Seat Range: Your fleet must consist of minibuses with a seating capacity of between 8 and 17 passengers. This specification ensures that the insurance coverage aligns with the size and capacity of the vehicles in the fleet.
  • PCV Licence for Profitable Customer Transport: If you use your minibus fleet for transporting customers for profit or private hire, a Public Carriage Vehicle (PCV) licence is imperative. This licence signifies compliance with regulations governing public liability for commercial passenger transportation and is a crucial factor in determining eligibility for fleet insurance.

Is minibus fleet insurance more expensive?

Fleet insurance often provides cost efficiency compared to obtaining separate coverage for each vehicle. However, your minibus insurance cost varies based on several factors, such as:

  • Number of Minibuses: The number of minibuses affects your insurance premiums. More vehicles increase the risks to the insurance company. Therefore, larger fleets pay higher premiums due to increased potential risks to the minibus fleet insurance providers considered.
  • Driver Experience and Records: Driver experience and records play an essential role. Insurance costs are lower for experienced drivers with clean records, reflecting a lower risk of accidents.
  • Minibus Usage and Routes: Minibuses usage and routes impact premiums. Intercity route buses lead to higher premiums due to heightened accident risks compared to less congested routes.

Can I Exclude A Driver or Drivers That Are High Risk? 

Most brokers are flexible in arranging cover. You may choose any driver cover, but only for drivers that are over 25. This approach will be cheaper than, for example, an any driver over 21 policy, as the risk is reduced. Drivers under 25 or young drivers could possibly be added as named drivers only.  

What are the insurance cover options available for a minibus fleet?

Most insurance companies will offer a range of fleet insurance cover options as detailed below

Third party

Third-party fire coverage: This safeguards against damages caused by fire to both your fleet and third-party vehicles involved in an incident.

Third party Fire and Theft

This level of cover provides minimum third party cover, but will pay out for the repair of your own vehicle if it’s damaged by fire or for the cost of replacement if it’s stolen.


Comprehensive coverage: It protects against a wide range of risks. This includes damages to your vehicles in accidents, theft, and various other unforeseen events.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover: It ensures protection in scenarios where your company or fleet causes injury or damage to third parties or their property. This coverage extends to legal expenses that may arise from such incidents.

Other covers include minibus breakdown assistance cover and windscreen cover.

How can I Save money on minibus fleet insurance?

Lowering the cost of any insurance is all about lowering the risk that you pose to the perspective insurance provider. If you pose a lower risk, you should be rewarded with a lower quote. 

To save money on minibus fleet insurance, consider the following strategies to reduce your risk profile:

  • Security Measures: Install security features and services such as alarms, immobilizers, and GPS tracking systems on your minibuses. Enhanced security can lead to lower insurance costs.
  • Drivers: Drivers are not all good and some are seen as high risk.  Drivers under 25 are just statistically a high risk. Driver that are over 25 can still pose a risk, before employing a driver it would be prudent to check their driving history. A history of claims will impact your multi van insurance premium negatively. 
  • Training : Accidents happen, if you notice a trend consider the cause and implement training or take action to promote a higher degree of driver responsibility. Example, award drivers that do not make claims. Maybe extreme, but you could make drivers responsible for the vehicle excess amount or a percentage of. 
  • Increase Deductibles: Choose higher deductibles for your policy. Although this entails a higher out-of-pocket expense in the event of a claim, it can result in reduced premium costs.
  • Policy Comparison: Shop around and compare quotes from different insurance providers.
  • Driver Selection: Choose experienced and responsible drivers with clean records. This impacts insurance premiums by demonstrating lower risk to insurers.
  • Multiple Quotes : Like any purchase, you will need to do some upfront research to help find the best quote that meets your requirements and is also affordable. 
  • Risk Management: Implement thorough and reliable risk management practices, including driver training programs and regular vehicle maintenance, to reduce the likelihood of accidents and claims.

Did you know?  Having your fleet of vans insured on the same policy means you don't have to remember different renewal dates – one policy means one renewal date

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Multi Van Insurance FAQ's

I operate a small courier business - can I get a small fleet policy?

Fleet insurance is a flexible product and can be tailored to your business needs. Small business fleet insurance, sometimes referred to as mini fleet insurance, which is aimed at a growing business or a start up.

Can I insure 2 Vans on one policy?

This is normally acceptable as long as some preconditions are met. These include no money or reward changing hands except for fuel costs. If you provide this as a paying service, you will need additional insurance, termed hire and reward van insurance.

What type of discount is provided for having a multi van insurance policy?

The idea behind a fleet policy is to reduce your overall insurance costs. In most cases, this type of policy should work out cheaper than insuring each vehicle individually. It is standard to be provided with some form of discount if and when you add additional vehicles to your base policy. This should be negotiated with your broker in advance.

Will a no claims discount be affected if a claim is made on one of the vehicles?

The no claim discount is  earned by making few or no claims. It is initially granted when no claims are made in a year. With each additional year of no claims, the discount amount should rise.

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