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A Guide to Motorcycle Fleet Insurance

By Eamonn Turley
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Jan 2024

If motorcycles are your passion, you might find yourself owning multiple motorbikes. In you fall into this category or operate a fleet of motorcycles as part of your business, opting for a motorcycle fleet insurance policy could prove to be more cost-effective and convenient than insuring each motorcycle separately.

In order to get the best deal on motorcycle fleet insurance or indeed any insurance product, it’s vital that you compare quotes from a wide range of providers


We can provide you with access to a range of quotes from a panel of UK fleet insurance brokers that are able to tailor polices to you or your business's individual requirements.

  • Cover available for all types of motorcycles
  • Polices can be tailored to your requirements
  • Flexible payment options
  • One short form – save time & money
  • All Fleet sizes from 2 motorbikes upwards or a mix of vehicles.

What are the the levels of cover available?

There are three major levels of cover for motorcycle fleets, which includes:

  • Third Party Only : This is the minimum level of cover required by the law. Third-party-only insurance will offer protection for damages you causes to the third party vehicle or property 
  • Third Party Fire and Theft : This level of cover offers all protections in the third party only, plus additional coverage for any damage to your fleet of bikes caused by fire or theft.
  • Full Comprehensive : Consider this the highest level of coverage, which includes everything in the previous cover levels plus protection for damages to your own fleet, even if you or one of your drivers are responsible.

Insurers providers will also offer you the option of adding on extra features to increase protection, these are optional. Popular add-ons include:

  • Breakdown Cover : If your bikes are new, they may already have motorcycle breakdown cover included in the first 2 or 3 years. 
  • Accessories cover :  compensation cover for loss or damage to your helmet and gloves.
  • Goods in transitinsures any goods you are delivering or transporting.

Who needs motorcycle fleet insurance?

This product is aimed at anyone with more than 1 motorbike that needs to be insured. Example, a private individual or a motorcycle dispatch business that needs cover for multiple bikes.

If you have a diverse fleet that includes various types of vehicles, it's worth considering a multi-vehicle fleet policy. This type of policy allows you to insure different kinds of vehicles, such as electric cars, vans, car rental business fleet, minibuses, and HGV's, under a single comprehensive policy

If you have a diverse fleet that includes various types of vehicles, it's worth considering a multi-vehicle fleet policy. This type of policy allows you to insure different kinds of vehicles, such as cars, vans, motorcycles, and campervans, under a single comprehensive policy

Benefits of Motorcyle Fleet Insurance 

Here are some benefits of a motorcycle fleet policy:

  • Saves you time and money : A fleet policy streamlines your administrative tasks and reduces paperwork by consolidating everything under one insurer. With only one insurer to manage, a single renewal date to remember, and a unified premium to pay, you can experience less administrative hassle and paperwork.
  • Risk is spread across all vehicles : With a fleet policy, you can enjoy some advantages when filing a claim. For instance, instead of tying the claim solely to the involved vehicle, it gets linked to the overall policy. This approach spreads the risk across all vehicles, potentially leading to a significant reduction in the premium hike following an at-fault accident.
  • One premium and renewal date : Fleet insurance offers you the freedom of covering all your different vehicles under one policy, one premium and one renewal date.
  • Easily add or remove vehicles and drivers: Most feet polices will let you add additional vehicles at a discounted price.
  • Driver Flexibility : If you choose an any driver fleet policy, you can easily manage your drivers, but this type of cover will be more expensive. .

Time To Get Multiple Quotes Easily

As our name suggests, we can provide multiple quotes for motorcycle fleet insurance. Simply click the Get Quotes option below and fill in a quick form to get access to multiple quotes. Then all you have to do is pick the best one!

Did you know?  Having your eco-friendly fleet insured on the same policy means you don't have to remember different renewal dates – one policy means one renewal date

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