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What is fleet multi van insurance ?

With a multi insurance car and van policy, the personal fleet of vehicles owned by a family at one residence can be protected under one policy. This can work out cheaper,but not all the times. As such get individual quotes and compare. In general the reduced costs of the policies are due in part to the discounts given for having more than one policy with a single insurance firm. Multiple van and car insurance lets you include cars and vans on the same policy.

A multi van insurance policy is an umbrella type of policy in which several other policies are held under it to represent the individual vehicles being protected.

Who can operate the vehicles under a multi van fleet policy?

  • These policies can have a named driver who will operate the vehicle. This is a standard type of vehicle insurance policy.
  • Another format is if each person at the residence can have a policy so they can operate any of the vehicles at the residence. This is classified as a personal insurance policy.
  • The last type of policy is where the vehicle is covered independent of who is operating it. This is classified as a vehicle insurance policy.

With the multi van insurance coverage, these are the choices. All of the vehicles can be of the same type or any combination the owners want. 

The vehicles covered must be registered to the same address. While most policyholders of this type are related, it is not a mandatory requirement.

What types of vehicles can be covered under a multi van insurance policy?

This type of policy is designed to be used for non-commercial motorized vehicles. This includes the following;

Economy cars

Luxury cars

Sports cars

Classic cars

Vans under 3.5 tonne




How many vehicles can be covered with a multi insurance car and van policy?

This type of policy is designed for the family that has between 2 to 5 vehicles registered at one residence. The multi insurance car and van policy can also be for a single person who owns and like to drive more than one vehicle. The upper limit is generally 5 different vehicles, but there have been exceptions to cover more vehicles by some insurance firms.

What type of coverage will the vehicles have?

The choice of what level of insurance each vehicle will have is the decision of the owner. The available options include;

  • Third Party
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Full Comprehensive

While each vehicle can have the same level of coverage, it is not required.

The choice of add-ons is also the choice of the vehicle owner. This makes it possible for one or all of the vehicles to be covered with breakdown insurance, lost key replacement and or windscreen protection.

What type of discount is provided for having a multi van  insurance policy?

The first vehicle is generally at full price with each additional added vehicle at a discount of 10% to 15% off the annual premium costs.

Will a no claims discount be affected if a claim is made on one of the vehicles?

The no claim discount is what a driver earns by making no claims. It is initially granted when no claims are made in a year. With each additional year of no claims, the discount amount should rise. There will be no effect to one driver’s discount if another driver under the multi van  policy reports a claim.

What can be the renewal date for the vehicles in a multi van insurance policy?

The renewal dates will be one year from the time the policy is signed. The payments can be annually or monthly. Some insurance firms will prorate a policy so all of them will have the same renewal date if the vehicle owners want it that way. They can also be different if desired. The advantage of having the same renewal date is all vehicles can be covered with just one payment.

A multi van insurance car and van policy is the easiest way to cover all the vehicles that are registered at one address. This is a custom made type of policy to fit the needs of the policyholders by choosing the level of coverage and who can operate each vehicle.

Multi Van Fleet insurance