5 steps to a lower premium

The price of UK fleet Insurance continues to increase. The introduction of keyless car entry  is one of the key reason for the increase in car theft. As a result, the price of auto insurance continues to increase. However, there are steps that can be taken to either reduce or keep the costs under control and improve your fleet experience report. 

[pullquote align="normal" cite="Clkive Wain head of police liaison at Tracker"]“Cars are being stolen and driven off within seconds,” [/pullquote]

The risk of claim is a main factor in determining your company fleet insurance costs.  

Be proactive and act on the advice below. Communicate with your broker on these and any other measures that could reduce your annual premiums.

1 Telematics

Increasingly technology is improving driving and also reducing the likelihood of accidents. Telematics enables each driver to receive the exact type of training required to reduce avoidable accidents. 

In addition, the software will also enable intelligent route planning  based on both historical and real-time information. Search for Telematics and Fleet management for a range of software as a service offers, all available in the cloud

2 Theft Risk Faraday Wallet

Security is now the number one factor used in determining  your insurance premium. However, it is possible to take steps to reduce keyless car theft. One cheap method is to keep the keys in a metal box or a microwave. Faraday wallets are also available and will provide the same protection as a metal box.

3 Vehicle Security Tracking Devices

Fit concealed trackers that will enable you to track the exact location of any stolen fleet vehicle.

4 Third Party Only

If you manage a large fleet, it may be worth the self insure approach. Effectively, you provide  your own fleet cover and just purchase the legal minimum of third party.

5 Combined Insurance

Give your broker all of your insurance business, including employee liability and public liability. In return, most brokers will reward you with an attractive discount on your motor fleet insurance.

The above steps should help reduce your costs as you build up your fleet of business vehicles.

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