Fleet insurance experience why it is important

Most drivers are familiar with no claims bonus and how it impacts the cost of your ongoing car insurance. Fleet insurance experience is the equivalent when we are dealing with how a fleet insurance premium is derived. Now you will understand the importance held within this document has and how it can impact the cost of your fleet insurance.

This document  is provided by your existing broker. You may find some brokers may be reluctant to provide or make excuses of why it is not available.  Do not accept any such excuses. This document "Confirmed Fleet Insurance Claims Experience" belongs to you and must be released when requested.

So any discount or increase in your business or family fleet insurance will be based not on individual cars, but on the overall claims history.

When your fleet premium is recalculated, it will be based in the main on the following 3 key factors. 

How is a fleet insurance premium calculated? 

  • The frequency of your claims will be analysed to determine if it is increasing or decreasing
  • The total amount paid out in claims, including anything upcoming. The amount paid out will be reflected in your new premium by way of an increase or decrease. Be aware if it is high the broker may deem you high risk and drop you.
  • The above 2 are not viewed in isolation the number of vehicles in the fleet is factored in. Indeed, if your claims are increasing at the same time as fleet expansion, one may mitigate the other.

Work with your insurance company

As it is a statistical analysis, insurance companies need at least 3 years of history to be able to truly judge your risk. So if a new policy, be aware that the claims you make now will have a big impact down the road.

The insurer does not want to see a trend of increased  claims, and it is in both interest that it remains at an acceptable level. Most insurers will be able to offer you if a family fleet or your business risk management training. This training works by putting a procedure in place quickly that will reverse any upward trend. If some terms are new, read the glossary of fleet terms to get up to speed on fleet related jargon.

The bottom line it is your actions that will determine if your fleet premium goes up or down. Take action by following the 5 steps to a lower premium and work on risk management to lower your claims experience.

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