More options and choices for EV fleet operators

With the deadline of 2040 in place for all new vehicles being sold in the UK must be zero emission producers, the need for more infrastructure is now being addressed. If are already thinking of going green, take a moment to check out how your insurance premium will be impacted. Fleet managers should also consider any saving in fleet insurance that may encourage them to change over to electric powered vehicles.

How many charging stations are there?

Currently, there are nearly 30,000 electric charging stations in the UK as of January 2020. The most common types are the 22k WH charging stations. The electric vehicle charging connectors are at more than 10,000 locations that can be located on the ZAP EV charging point map.

On the map, there are distinctions of what type of charging stations there are including rapid, fast and slow. They are also marked to which ones are available to the public.

The importance of knowing where the charging stations are and what types are available at each location is vital, since most EVs at this time have a 400-mile limit they can operate on a single charge. This allows for fleet owners to plan out how and where they can use their electric vehicle fleet and know just where they can get a charge so that the vehicles will be operational.

To help both the public and fleet owners, the UK government doubles funding for on street charging to £10 million next year. This is enough for 3,600 more charging connections in the UK. Nearly 10% of those charging connections are planned to be the rapid type.

Is charging free?

The Tesla charging stations are free to use for Tesla vehicle owners. The charging stations available to the public at local shopping centres, public car parks, supermarkets and other locations used heavily by the public that has free charging ports, but most of them have a time limit.

There are some electrical charging stations that charge, but when compared to the cost of petrol and diesel, the difference is significant. For those with a 60k WH battery, the cost of a full charge is only £8.40. This charge is generally good for about 200 a mile round trip.

For fleet owners, an 80 mile charge can be placed on their vehicles in about 30 minutes. For courier fleets, this is enough time to unpack the contents of the vehicle and repack it all while the vehicle is being charged.

With more options and choices for EV fleet operators and the operating costs reduced due to the cost of the energy used, the profit potential is great. There is also a need to financially protect your vehicles, which can be accomplished when you compare fleet insurance quotes so that you can find the policy that matches your needs. For more information on what is in a policy for electric fleet insurance is this page.

Compare Fleet Insurance

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