Saving money with fleet insurance

Saving money with the different types of fleet insurance is possible for both families and businesses. By having the right cover for your drivers and vehicles, your business motor fleet insurance premium or your family fleet insurance costs would be reduced.

Saving money on location for businesses

For many businesses, they have a home office in or around London, while their drivers operate in other parts of the UK. If the fleet insurance policy has the London headquarters as the main address, the costs of the premiums will be higher than if an address where the drivers operate outside of London is used.

The businesses that operate a fleet of vehicles normally have a  headquarters along with one or more substations or dispatch centres. These are located in the areas the fleet vehicles will operate. These can be in surrounding urban areas of London or a smaller rural town. The lowering of the premiums is due to the reduced risk in areas where traffic congestion is lower.

Statistics expose the truth

Statistics are kept on every classification and category in the business world, which includes profiles for fleet and private drivers. Insurance businesses are not allowed by law to discriminate against anyone based on their sex, religion or age, but they can assign a level of risk for each.

What is seen in the statistic gathered on drivers is that females from the age of 35 to 50 have a lower rate of accidents than all other categories of drivers. Because of the lower accident and ticket rates, they have the lowest premium costs. For a family with a fleet policy, this means Mum should be named as a primary driver for the car she uses. For a business, the hiring of female drivers will lower the insurance cost of protecting the fleet.

Telemetric devices can save money

Having telemetric devices like dashcams and black boxes can provide evidence of safe driving. Insurance companies use this data to determine just how well drivers operate the vehicles they cover. Some insurance companies provide a discount for these devices when they are installed, while others wait for the data to prove how well the drivers operate the vehicle before a discount is provided to their customers.

Saving money with fleet insurance is possible if you know how to reduce the risks insurance companies look for. The costs of all premiums are directly linked to the risk they have in providing the cover for a driver and their vehicle. To help with this decision, a free online quotes system is available for you to receive specific details of the kind of policies you can take out and the prices associated with them. We can also provide a range of quotes for fleet breakdown cover.

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